In the ongoing saree controversy, the Delhi woman denied slapping the restaurant staff as alleged by Delhi Restaurant. Further, NCW has sought probe into the matter and has asked Delhi Police chief to look into the matter.

It all started on Wednesday, where a woman claimed that she was denied entry by a Delhi Restaurant Aquila as she was dressed in saree. Later, the restaurant shared its side of the story and said that the woman had slapped a staffer. Now new developments have emerged in the matter.


The ongoing saree controversy has united Indians in their love and respect for sarees. The 6-yard-outfit has been the cause of a massive outrage where people are having conversations about Indian culture and its aspects. The issue has also led to several women on Twitter and Instagram sharing their pictures dressed in saree with the hashtag ‘sareenotsorry’ and ‘sareeourpride’.

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The Facts of the Matter

On September 23, hours after Delhi restaurant Aquila issued a statement regarding the pushback it was receiving.

The pushback came when a woman alleged that the restaurant staff denied her entry because she wore saree.

In its statement, the restaurant said that not only did the woman in question slapped a staff member, but previously women were allowed entry in the past even when they wore sarees. With its statement, the restaurant also attached multiple CCTV footages.


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Saree Woman Denies Aquila Restaurant Allegations

Hours after the restaurant issued their statement, the woman, who had claimed that she was denied entry, denied allegations made on her.

‘Big Lie from Aquila’: Woman Shares Reservation Confirmation Screenshot

In its statement, the restaurant had claimed that the woman in question was asked to wait as she had made no reservations. This is where the situation escalated and the guest slapped the hotel staff.

However, Anita Choudhary later took to her Twitter and shared screenshot of her reservation confirmation.

“They are saying, reservation has not done or done for 1pm. again its a big lie from #Aquila .this is the proof. If some one is putting point of Aquila must go though the fact not with the fabricated video,” Choudhury wrote.

In the screenshot, it appears that a reservation was confirmed by the restaurant. Further, the restaurant in its reply mentioned that the dress code for the evening was smart casual. However, it didn’t mention in the confirmation that sarees are not part of the smart-casual category.

Anita Choudhary also shared another tweet wherein she claimed that the video shared by Aquila was fabricated. She said that in the video, the place and the time are not being established.

Daughter Admits Mother Pushed Staff

Further, Anita Choudhary’s daughter also took to Twitter and shared a much more elaborated version of the whole incident. While the tweet now stands deleted, the girl had alleged that the restaurant’s bouncers “manhandled” her mother. She also admitted to the fact that her mother did push the restaurant manager, however, she didn’t slap the manager.

National Commission for Women Gets Involved

On September 23 the National Commission for Women got involved in the matter and asked the Delhi Police to launch a probe into the matter. A statement by the NCW read, “Saree is a part of Indian culture and women in India majorly wear saree, therefore denying any woman entry to a restaurant on the basis of her attire is a violation of her right to live with dignity”. It also added that the marketing director of Aquila restaurant is directed to appear before the NCW on September 28.