International Women’s Day is that time of the year where all the companies including the big leading brands use it for their product promotions by providing users with some or the other kind of Gifts, discounts or offers. Be aware everyone, we bring you one such scam alert on WhatsApp where a message is in circulation which provides Free Adidas Women’s Day Gift. 

WhatsApp is a messaging service for users available globally. This app makes it vulnerable to scams that often trick users. The latest WhatsApp scam is based on a proposal by Adidas for women on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

A WhatsApp message with a link is in circulation which claims to be the “Adidas Women’s Day Gift” app. This message claims that  Adidas is to provide 1 million pairs of shoes for Women’s Day.  

First encountered by BGR India, the link itself seems suspicious. Out of other things that are noteworthy, the URL itself had a hint of suspicion where it misspelled the word “Adidas” as “Adidass“.

When you Tap the link it opens a new page with the message, “Congratulations!  You have a chance to get free shoes provided by Adidas for Women’s Day.” It also has a picture of a pair of Adidas shoes on display.  At the top of the screen you can see the Adidas logo with buttons for menus, search tools, and shopping bag but the catch is these buttons are not clickable.

As the link provided seems suspicious, one should not click it in the first place. In addition, any message or link claiming to offer something for “free” should be avoided at all costs. WhatsApp also labels such messages as “forwarded” or “often forwarded”, which should serve as a warning.  It is best to avoid such suspicious messages, and also avoid sending it to other contacts. This can be an easy way for hackers to cheat users who may fall prey to such tricks and scams. 

It is very important for each of us to be careful about these scams and not fall for them. As and when the technology is growing, with its plus there are a lot of minus attached. Our own safety is in our own hands. Be caution and be informed. Always cross check these kinds of messages first before moving forward with them.