The scary video of an ‘invisible patient’ which shows a hospital guard speaking to a patient, who allegedly died a day before, is making rounds of social media.

The video of the incident is a CCTV footage from an Argentina based hospital, and first surfaced on Reddit, following which it was picked up by several news outlets. With hundreds of thousands of views, the video has sparked a debate on all things paranormal and supernatural.

The video shows a guard sitting at the reception when an automatic door opens up without any person appearing in frame. Shockingly enough, the guard appears to have seen someone as he gets up and walks up to the ‘invisible patient’. What makes the video scarier, is the fact that the guard gets his clipboard out, and starts taking information from the patient who can’t be seen.

While Shikshanews couldn’t independently verify the authenticity of the video, it is being reported that the patient the guard was talking to, had died a day before. The spokesperson of the hospital issued a statement which read – “People are born and die every day in this sanatorium, so it is very difficult to relate this episode to any death.”

The news comes after another scary video of several sheep running in circles surfaced on the internet.

The Facts of the Matter

The internet has no shortage of scary videos. While one can bring logic to such videos and challenge any claims of paranormal, these videos continue to scare a generation of millennials and gen-z. In yet another video that recently surfaced on Reddit, a hospital guard can be seen talking to an ‘invisible patient’

Further, when the guard spoke to the medics about the patient, they said that the patient he is mentioning died one day before. The video of the incident was taken from an Argentinean hospital.

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What Does the Video Show?

The CCTV footage from Finochietto Sanatorium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, shows a security guard at the reception. For some scary reason, the automatic door which only opens when it senses a physical presence of a person, opens up. However, on the CCTV, no one can be seen walking in or out.

Bizarrely, the security guard cordons the area and even starts talking to the ‘invisible patient’, offering it a wheelchair, and talking more details on a clipboard.

Watch the Video here:

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‘Invisible Patient’ Had Died a Day Before

As per the local media, the guard, who received the ‘invisible patient’, thought that he was talking to an elderly woman, who asked him about seeing a doctor at 3.36 am on November 11. Reportedly, when the guard realized the woman had not left the hospital, he spoke to the staff. When the medics told him that they didn’t see any patients, the guard gave them a name he was seen writing on the clipboard.

Scarily enough, the medic staff told the guard that it couldn’t have been the woman, as the records showed her dying just a day before.

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Hospital Rubbishes Paranormal Claims

While the incident has sparked a debate about whether or not there is a supernatural element to it, the hospital where the incident happened, had rubbished all such claims. A Mirror report quoted a spokesperson from the hospital saying, “There is no entry record of any person at that time. This gentleman pretends to be writing something, but when you go to the registry, no one appears.”

“People are born and die every day in this sanatorium, so it is very difficult to relate this episode to any death. But it is ruled out, first of all because we do not have the name of the person who supposedly enters, since the man seen in the image did not write anything,” the statement further read.


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