A 17-year-old schoolgirl in Uttar Pradesh’s Ambedkar Nagar district died in a tragic accident on Friday after being harassed by stalkers.

The girl was on her way home from school with a friend when two men on a motorcycle pulled her dupatta (stole). This caused her to lose balance and fall off her bicycle. Tragically, as she fell, another motorcycle hit her from behind, resulting in severe head injuries that led to her death on the spot.

Harassment and Tragic Accident

According to police reports and viral videos on social media, the girl was cycling home when two men, identified as Faisal and Shahbaz, pulled her dupatta, leading to her fall. As she crashed onto the road, a third man, Arbaaz, who was driving a motorcycle, ran over the fallen girl. This resulted in critical head and jaw injuries that proved fatal.

The chilling incident took place near Hirapur market in Ambedkar Nagar district. It was captured on CCTV cameras in the area, and the videos quickly went viral online, sparking outrage.

Arrests and Attempted Escape

Based on CCTV footage and statement from the victim’s father, the three accused men were arrested on Saturday. However, on Sunday, as they were being taken for a medical check-up, the accused attempted to escape police custody.

According to police statements, the men snatched rifles from cops and opened fire. In retaliatory firing, two of the accused, Shahbaz and Faisal, were shot in the leg. The third accused, Arbaaz, fractured his leg while trying to flee.

All three men are now admitted to the district hospital under treatment and police watch. The local Station House Officer has also been suspended over negligence in the case.

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Demand for Justice

The tragic death of the young girl has caused shockwaves in the state and across India. Many are demanding swift justice and strict punishment for the perpetrators. There have also been calls for improved safety for women and girls in public spaces.

The police have stated they will file chargesheet within 10 days and seek conviction within a month. The accused have been booked for stalking, negligence causing death, and related charges.

While the law takes its course, the loss of a young life has reignited debates on women’s safety and the need for systemic changes in societal attitudes. The case also highlights the urgent need to curb harassment faced by girls and women in public spaces on a daily basis.

Ongoing Safety Concerns

The tragic incident has brought focus back on the safety of women and girls in Uttar Pradesh and across India. Despite stringent laws, crimes against women continue unabated, especially stalking, harassment and eve-teasing in public spaces.

Many point out that the number of stalking and harassment cases remain underreported as victims fear social stigma and police apathy. The Ambedkar Nagar case is a grim reminder that such illegal acts can turn fatal.

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Calls for Change

Women’s rights activists have called for more effective implementation of laws, gender-sensitization programs, and police reforms to curb harassment and ensure safety in public places. There have also been demands for accountability of local authorities and police for failing to curb stalking despite repeated complaints.

The tragic loss of a young life has sparked public outrage and introspection on the deep-rooted socio-cultural attitudes that embolden sexual crimes against women. Many hope this incident will be an inflection point to make public spaces safe for women through collaborative action between authorities, communities and civil society.

Justice and Closure

As the accused undergo treatment under police watch, the authorities have assured swift justice in the Ambedkar Nagar stalking case. Chargesheets will be filed quickly and trial fast-tracked.

While the perpetrators face strict penal action, the family and community hope for closure and ‘some semblance of justice for the bereaved parents who lost their daughter in such a barbaric manner. The case is a reminder that collective action is needed to ensure the safety and freedom of women in public spaces.

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