A drunk US man reportedly hid under a blanket to avoid arrest and got busted hilariously to remind us of classic song “Scooby-Doo where are you?” from popular cartoon show Scooby-Doo. The incident was reported from Maine and the ‘genius’ who chose the world’s safest place to hide (read: sarcasm), was identified as Philip Dulude. The entire ordeal was brought to the people’s attention by Belfast Police Department in who took to Facebook to report about the incident.

“Here at Belfast Police Department, we have seen some crafty ways of hiding from the Police. This unfortunately is not one of them,” the hilarious statement shared on Facebook read. Reportedly, Sgt. Dan Thompson from Belfast Police Department was called to a hotel called the Admiral Ocean Inn earlier on Monday with complaints of “an intoxicated male causing a disturbance”.

The man, Philip Dulude, was removed from property and was told that if he would make a return, he would surely be arrested. However, in a drunken state, Mr. Philip decided to challenge his fate further and was found sitting on“ a chair hiding under a blanket.

The Facts of the Matter

Police personnel across the world are often subjected to hair-raising visuals of harrowing crime scenes, mutilated victims, and unapologetic criminals. However, there are times when even they see something that truly surprises them. Personnel in Maine police department were recently in a similar situation when they found a wanted man hiding under blanket to avoid getting arrested.

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Police Receives Complaint of Intoxicated Man

The ‘genius’, who considered a white coloured blanket as an invisibility cloak was identified as Philip Dulude. It so happened that earlier on Monday, the Belfast Police Department received an alert from the Admiral Ocean Inn at around 9.30 pm with complaints of “an intoxicated male causing disturbance”.

Sgt. Thompson reached the hotel and made sure he got evicted from the hotel. While making sure Dulude was removed from property, Sgt. Thompson told him that if he returns, he would be arrested.

Officer Spots Something Strange in Parking Lot

Unfortunately, Dulude was feeling adventurous and decided to enter the property again. At around 12:40 am on the intervening night of Monday and Tuesday, another officer Sgt. Matthew Cook was conducting a sweep of the parking lot and the surrounding area of the hotel when he spotted a strange sight.

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Man with Blanket Over Head Busted

The officer spotted a man “in a chair, hiding under a blanket”. Like the end of famous cartoon show Scooby-Doo, the officer pulled the blanket off of Dulude and found him hiding under it to evade getting caught. Dulude was soon arrested for trespassing property and violation of bail conditions.

Belfast PD Writes Hilarious Post, Netizens Have a Day Making Jokes

Belfast Police Department shared the incident on Facebook and wrote a hilarious caption which read – “Here at Belfast Police Department we have seen some crafty ways of hiding from the Police. This unfortunately is not one of them.”

The hilariously unsuccessful attempt at hiding from law triggered some hilarious comments from netizens on social media. On the Facebook post, which now stands deleted, on Facebook user wrote, “Looks like he was only one sheet to the wind.” Another user claimed that the man was “a whole 6 months early” for the upcoming Halloween season.

Another Facebook user wrote, “Your average house cat does a better job of hiding, tail and all!”

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Another ‘Genius’ was Arrested Similarly from UK

It should be noted that an eerily similar incident happened back in 2021. In UK, a man wanted by police hid in his cupboard with a huge blanket over his head. While this may sound like a scene from your favourite film, the incident is truer than fiction.


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