A video of an altercation between a man and a woman in a Noida housing society over a missing dog poster has gone viral on social media. The scuffle, which took place in AIMS Golf Avenue Society, saw the woman physically assaulting the man, who is reportedly the society’s president.

The viral video shows the woman angrily questioning the man about removing a poster about her missing dog. She can be seen grabbing his t-shirt collar while asking “Is the Apartment Owners Association (AOA) more authoritative than the Supreme Court?”. Despite the man’s repeated requests to discuss the matter calmly, the woman continues to push him, pull his hair and eventually slaps him across the face.

Police Take Note of Viral Video, File Complaint

The shocking incident caught the attention of Noida police after the video was widely shared online. The department took to social media platform ‘X’ to confirm that a case has been registered at Sector 113 police station regarding the fight. They mentioned that it stemmed from a dispute between the society president and the woman over the missing dog poster.

Several social media users condemned the woman’s actions and demanded her arrest. One user commented, “This lady should be arrested immediately; she is beating the man.” Another said, “She is clearly misbehaving and must be booked.”

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Previous Society Scuffles Highlight Tensions

This latest viral video has brought focus on the increasing conflicts between residents of Noida societies. Last year, a brawl broke out at Hyde Park Society over a residents’ body election, which later spiralled into a fist fight between groups of residents and security guards.

Such incidents reveal the growing tensions between residents and highlight the need for better conflict resolution mechanisms in societies. Lack of communication and unresolved disputes often lead to unfortunate scuffles that tarnish the reputation of societies.

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Time For Societies to Address Underlying Issues

While the residents involved in this shameful altercation must be duly dealt with, societies also need to reflect inwards. The root causes leading to petty conflicts and lack of harmony between residents should be addressed.

Societies must create proper platforms for dialogue between residents and the management. Having transparent governance and taking residents into confidence can prevent petty disputes from snowballing into ugly physical confrontations.

With proper communication and displaying greater empathy and maturity, the residents of societies can avoid such embarrassing situations and uphold civic values.

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