In a concerning geopolitical development, a secret IAF aircraft evacuated Indian diplomats, security personnel from Kandahar. If you’re wondering what’s happening in Afghanistan and are the sudden moments a foreshadowing of a bigger turmoil, we will take you through all that you should know about the recent issues in the landlocked Afghanistan.


In the wake of the consistent gunfights between the Taliban militants and the Afghan army, the government decided to evacuate as many as 50 high level diplomats and security executives from the Indian consulate in Kandahar, the second largest city in Afghanistan. The country did so by having a secret Indian Air Force aircraft haul the individuals.

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Staff of Over 500 Indians in Consulates

It should be noted that the Indian embassy is situated in the Afghani capital Kabul and its consulates are in Kandahar and Mazar where over 500 people are employed. The country also saw operations of Indian consulate in Heart and Jalalabad which ceased its operations earlier.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) the consulate is still operational with emergency services being catered to. For now, the local staff members will be handling the emergency services, the MEA said.

“India is closely monitoring”: Ministry of External Affair

On Sunday, PTI quoted MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi claimed that the personnel at the consulate are brought back to the national capital in the wake of the intense gunfights near Kandahar city. The spokesperson also claimed that India is observing every evolving security related concern in the country. The foreign ministry in its statement said, “India is closely monitoring.”

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Pakistani Air Space was Avoided

Reportedly, the diplomats were brought back to India by IAF planes which avoided the Pakistani air space. The gunfight mentioned above started after Taliban claimed that it has regained its control over the entire Afghani country. The claim came at a time when US President Joe Biden instructed the US troops to be pulled back.

Indian Embassy Asks Indians to Exercise “Caution”

Further, the Indian embassy earlier asked all Indians who are visiting Afghanistan and who are working there to avoid all non-essential activities and to take caution with respect to their security. The advisory stated that Afghanistan remains “dangerous” and that the militants in the country have been launching attacks which have also targeted civilians.

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What’s happening in Afghanistan?

The root of the entire issue can be traced back to last week’s Friday when Taliban announced that it has a control of over 85% of Afghanistan. The announcement was made at a press conference earlier last week after a senior Taliban delegation’s visit to Moscow ended. The claim of Taliban’s rein over the majority of Afghanistan is much more significant than the previous claims it made. Earlier Taliban had also claimed that it has occupied a one third of Afghanistan and as many as 421 districts were under the Taliban control.

How did the gun-fight begin?

Earlier last week, the Talabani militants advanced upon the Afghani forces and first fled inside Tajikistan’s border. The move was unprecedented as Tajikistan still holds a Russian military base there. After the attack, Tajikistan’s brought in reinforcements of over 20,000 military personnel to strengthen the border.

The retaliation comes in the wake of US military troops slated to be removed from Afghanistan. Early this year, US President Joe Biden announced an end to the “forever war” and since then Taliban have slowly and steadily been raising its head.

In the past few weeks, the Taliban entered several Afghanistan districts and took control of it – some with fight, some without any. Further, the Taliban has also taken control of the border crossings of Afghanistan with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Iran.

In 2001, the Taliban were overpowered by the US-led forces. This happened after the US launched a military attack in Afghanistan in October 7, in the wake of September 11 attack on the World Trade Center and the US Pentagon.