At the age of 16 years, many of us might be deciding which stream to study further for higher education, or which college to enter for graduation. This is the height of our thought process generally. But some kids are born with a flame inside them to lift themselves above the crowd. Such is the story of this 16 YO Edward Ricketts.

The 16-year-old boy got made money like a professional investor and became a lesson for many students as well as professionals.

Edwards is a school-going boy who lives in East London and works at a part-time job just like other kids of his age to earn some pocket money. He worked at a summer internship and was able to earn and save up to 150 pounds (Equals to INR 13,500/-). But unlike other kids, Edward did not spend the money to fulfil childish fantasies of buying petty things like a gaming console or some fancy clothing, this guy decided to invest the money and multiply it.

Being a business studies student, he went on to learn how to make a profit by buying and selling currencies, when they are slumping and rising in value respectively. Although he had very little knowledge about the Forex market, his interests and passion drove him to learn more. Nowadays, youtube has always got your back as it has tutorials, lessons and information about your every query. Edward used the youtube and started watching videos 5 hours a day to understand how the currency market works. Also, Ricketts says that Bretix helped him a lot. He used to constantly catch the news about the UK and the EU which went on to help him predict how each currency would fall or rise.

Ricketts also sought advice from a Forex trader, whom he found on Instagram. This trader may have told him that he could not make it without formal training and studies. This gave Edward a great push to prove the trader wrong.

Edwards enthusiasm drove him right. All those youtube lessons, tutorials & news earned him his fortune. He was able to multiply his 150 pounds (INR 13500) into 422 times which is approximately Rs. 55.25 lakh.

What amazes us is that he is so successful with his investment that he can now buy a Mercedes Benz A-class, and still be left with plenty of money to invest further. Ricketts has been approached by more than 100 clients, who are asking for his tips on money market hedging and are ready to pay him amounts which are much higher than the amount that he originally invested in his currency exchange plan. Well, I don’t think he needs to worry about his pocket money anymore. He should rather be opening an investment venture followed by an advisory firm. Well, whatever he does, we are sure he will definitely make the best out of it.