Yesterday Apple unveiled Airpods Max, making the noise cancelling over-the-ear headphones the 10th product introduced this year. The jury is still undecided whether the sound quality these over-the-ear headphones come with justifies the price tag of Rs. 59,900 or $549. But that has not stopped the twitterverse to tickle us all with some funny memes. 

Let’s look at some of the best memes we came across

Twitterverse never fails to call out the hefty price tags of Apple products. With Airpods Max, things were no different

Obvious comparisons were made between the cost of Airpods Max and Sony’s all new PlayStation 5.

The design of the new apple accessory also took a hit. 

You can’t unsee this, believe us, we tried.

Celebrated tech enthusiast and one of the most followed tech Youtuber Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD came up with his own rib-tickling meme.

The carrying case, which in itself has been the topic of conversation in both the technology and design world, was also made to join the party.

We are not saying anything!

Well, he’s technically correct. 

And yes, it is really hard to not talk about the price!

In conclusion, it’s not only we who are laughing!