In a heartwarming incident, two brothers were reunited 74 years later at the Kartarpur Corridor after they were separated due to the partition in 1947. Video of the tearful shows the two brothers being brought by people of respective countries and colliding together in a warm hug with tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces. It was 1947 when younger sibling Mohammad Siddique’s family split. The the infant Siddiqui lived his entire life in Pakistan, while his elder brother Habib aka Shela, lived in India. Recently, the Kartarpur Corridor arranged a meeting between the two brothers, video of which are going viral on Twitter.

For the unversed, the Kartarpur Corridor was inaugurated in 2019. The corridor connects the two major Sikh shrines of the community – Der Baba Nanak Sahib and Gurudwara Darbar Sahib, the two shrines in India and Pakistan respectively.


Other than the love for cricket and flavourful food India and Pakistan are glued with one more thing – the blood-laden legacy of Partition. As if the continues struggle for freedom didn’t take enough lives, what came as the immediate aftermath of the Indian independence, was the birth of a new country – Pakistan.

During the partition of India and Pakistan, as many as 1 million people lost their lives, with estimates claiming the toll was double the figure. What remained was estranged families on either side, with horrifying tales that haunted generations of those who were the innocent victims of the incident.

While nothing can alter the bitter aftertaste that the incident left in people’s conscience, a heartwarming report coming from Pakistan is sure to leave one teary eyed.

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The Facts of the Matter

Where were you all this time”, was imprinted on the faces of Mohammad Siddique and his brother Habib aka Shela. In the aftermath of Asian subcontinent’s worst holocaust two brothers were among the millions who were divided. While one continued living his life in Pakistan, other migrated to the neighbouring country India.

Thanks to the Kartarpur Corridor, which is a visa-free border crossing corridor, the two brothers met each other after 74 long and tedious years later. In the 74 years, the two brothers witness their countries biggest tragedies and remarkable moments, and recently, also witnessed a world-halting pandemic, while they remained apart.

The two brothers, identified as Muhammad Siddiq and Habib had a reunion, courtesy the Kartarpur Corridor, which arranged for the reunion. Reportedly, Mr. Siddique is a Faisalabad resident while his brother Habib resides in Punjab, India.

After the reunion Habib was quoted in a report saying, “The corridor has become a source of their reunion and it will continue to help reunite other separated families”.

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What Did the Video Show?

The video of the reunion has been making rounds on Twitter with netizens claiming to be teary-eyed after watching the video. In the video, the two brothers can be seen brought to one point by people from respective countries.

As soon as they are in each other’s vicinity, the two brothers leap into a tight hug with tears in their eyes. For about a moment, which must’ve felt like an eternity for the two brothers, a heartwarming reunion was on display.

Watch the Video Here:

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Netizens React to the Video

The video gone viral has been viewed over 165k times on microblogging platform Twitter with over 10 thousand people liking it and hundreds of overwhelming comments beneath it.


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