In a concerning development, a “serial kisser” is lurking on the streets of Bihar, accused of forcibly kissing women and girls. Recently, the accused was caught forcibly kissing a health care worker, following which, a complaint was filed in the matter and an FIR was registered. The incident involving the health care worker took place earlier on March 10.

A woman’s nightmare unfolded at Sadar Hospital in Jamui district, Bihar, when a man scaled the hospital’s wall and sexually assaulted her on March 10. The incident, caught on video, shows the perpetrator forcefully kissing the victim, a Class IV health worker, before fleeing the scene.

The victim lodged a complaint with the Jamui police, who have since launched an investigation and registered a First Information Report (FIR) against the attacker.

Speaking to the media, the victim expressed her shock and disbelief at the incident. “I don’t know this man, and I don’t know why he targeted me. When he assaulted me, I fought back and called for help, but he escaped before anyone could arrive,” she was quoted saying.

In the horrific CCTV footage, a woman is seen standing at the Sadar hospital premises when an unidentified miscreant comes and forcibly kisses her. Before the woman could raise an alert, the accused flees the scene.

The Facts of the Matter

Thanks to popular culture, films and TV shows, the term “serial killer” is well known. However, there are some miscreants that are often labeled “serial kisser” by the media, after they are involved in a series of inappropriate sexual advancements.

These individuals often derive a sense of power or pleasure from their actions and may continue to engage in this behavior despite repeated warnings or legal consequences.

If reports are to be believed, women in Bihar are currently living under the panic of a serial kisser on the prowl. The unidentified accused is known for following women and girls who are alone, and then kissing them forcibly before fleeing the scene.

In the most recent incident, the accused man was seen ambushing a health care worker in Jamui, Bihar, and kissing her forcibly. The entire ordeal was caught on cam.

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What Does the Video Show?

The CCTV footage of the incident shows the healthcare worker using her phone as an unidentified man ambushes her and before she could react, forcibly kisses her. Before the woman could react or make sense of the situation, the accused flees from the scene of incident.

Watch the Video here

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Victim Opens Up

In the wake of the incident, the woman spoke to media, and was quoted by Aaj Tak saying, “I don’t know why he came into the hospital compound. I don’t know the man. What have I done to him? When he preyed on me, I resisted and called the hospital staff. But, the man had escaped by then…”

“The boundary wall is extremely short. I have requested the authorities to put up a barbed fence and protect the women who frequent the hospital,” she further added.

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Bihar SDPO Assures Arrest of Accused

Meanwhile, the victim took to the local police and filed a complaint against the accused. As per SDPO Rakesh Kumar, case has been registered against the unidentified man, and a probe is on. He also assured that the accused would soon be put into custody. The police stated that this was the first such incident to have come from that particular area.


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