West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee attacked India’s PM yet again and labelled him “shameless prime minister”. The statement came during the first day of the West Bengal State Budget Session 2021.  Banerjee’s allegation came in the light of West Bengal’s vaccination efforts and its challenges to procure vaccines.


To say that BJP party face and current PM Narendra Modi and TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee have a turbulent relationship would be one of the biggest understatements in the world. From PM Modi’s “Didi O Didi”, to Banerjee’s accusation on Election Commission for helping PM Modi’s party BJP, the duo has been at loggerheads since time immemorial.

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“Centre not keeping with its promise, Shameless PM Failed Country”: CM Banerjee

Recently, Banerjee was speaking at the State Assembly’s Budget session which was ongoing on July 7, 2021. The West Bengal Chief Minister said-

“We have already vaccinated 2.26 crore people. And for that, we had to buy at least 26 lakh doses on our own, despite promises by the Centre that it would provide the required number of doses. Notwithstanding the Centre’s ham-handed policies, we have been able to contain the virus.”

She hit the gavel on the matter and added-

“Our shameless PM has failed the country but his picture is found everywhere – from vaccine certificates to hoardings. I have seen many prime ministers, but none so shameless.”

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Waters “Contaminated” By Dead Bodies: Banerjee’s Problematic Statement

Relentlessly continuing her attack on Bharatiya Janta Party, CM Banerjee was quoted by Indian Express saying, “Petrol and diesel prices are increasing. It [Petrol price] has crossed Rs 100 [per litre]”. She also made a distasteful comment and claimed that the bodies of people that died due to COVID-19 were disposed in UP and it has “contaminated” the water of West Bengal.

“The UP govt is disposing of dead bodies in the Ganga. Those bodies are floating and coming to West Bengal. The water has been contaminated,”

-said Banerjee.

While reports of several villagers disposing bodies of their dear ones in rivers were rampant, claiming that the waters have been contaminated because of that can be considered hurtful to those who actually lost their loved ones.

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“BJP Leaders have no culture, courtesy, civility”: Banerjee

Meanwhile, CM Banerjee continued on her attack against the current ruling party and slammed BJP MLAs who didn’t let West Bengal’s governor Jagdeep Dhankhar finish his speech.

“I have seen BJP leaders such as Rajnath Singh and Sushma Swaraj…This BJP, however, is different. They [BJP members] do not know any culture, courtesy, decency and civility,”

-said CM Banerjee.

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On Post Poll Violence

The TMC party leader also alleged that had it not been for Election’s Commission’s help, BJP would not have even won 30 seats in the West Bengal Assembly Elections that were heled last month. In her speech at the state’s Budget session, she spoke on the issue of post-poll violence and claimed that TMC workers were attacked by BJP even when the EC was supervising the polls.

“During and immediately after the elections, the BJP circulated fake videos to spread hatred. We have photos, we have evidence. I will place these on your [speaker’s] table,”

-CM Banerjee said in her budget speech.