In a surprising turn-of-events, a Bengaluru woman reportedly met a man on, and instead of taking the matter forward for a union, she sent the man an interview link & tried to hire him. The entire ordeal was shared on Twitter by the woman in question herself. Taking to Twitter, Udita Pal, co-founder of a Bengaluru-based startup shared a screenshot of her WhatsApp chat with her father where the latter didn’t sound too pleased at all.

In the screenshot, Pal’s father can be seen telling her that she “cannot hire people from matrimonial sites” and further asked her what he should tell the man’s father now. Pal tried diffusing her father’s annoyance by responding ‘he he’ and further added that the man in question has a seven-year work experience and her company is hiring.

In a follow-up tweet, Pal gave some further updates about the matter and asked netizens to not “drop hate” on her as she cries easily. Pal noted that the man was looking for Rs. 62 lakhs per annum with ESOPS and further noted how her father deleted her profile.

The Facts of the Matter

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Bengaluru Co-Founder Shares WhatsApp Chat with Father

In what can truly be called Shark Tank India effect, a Bengaluru woman, who met a man on matrimonial website, tried to hire the man for her startup. The incident was brought to the netizens’ notice after the woman, Udita Pal, took to Twitter to share screenshot of her WhatsApp chat with her father.

In the screenshot, one can obviously sense that Pal’s father is not too pleased with the fact that his daughter tried to hire a man she was intended to meet for a potential union. Pal captioned the screenshot image with – “What getting disowned from father looks like”.

“You know what you did?”: Woman Tries Hiring Man She Met on Jeevansathi

In the screenshot, Pal’s father asks her if he can talk to her as its urgent. After getting no reply for an hour, her father confronts her with more text messages. “You know what you did”, “U cannot hire people from matrimonial sites”, “what to tell his father now”, Pal’s father texted.

He further adds more details in the text about the matter and complaints how her daughter gave the man she met on, a matrimonial platform, an interview link and asked the man’s resume.

“Reply u crazy girl”: Father Loses Calm, Seeks Explanation

One can understand the father’s frustration as he sent the first message at 6.01 AM and sent the last message about interview and resume at about 10.22 AM. After not receiving a response from his daughter, the annoyed father texts “reply u crazy girl”.

Father Deletes Bengaluru Co-Founder’s Jeevansathi Profile

However, Pal makes an attempt to diffuse her father’s anger and simply responds with a “he he”. She replies her father that the man in question has seven-year experience and her company is hiring. “im sorry”, she further adds.

Udita Pal, co-founder of Fintech startup Salt, took to Twitter to share further updates about the matter. In a follow-up tweet, Pal noted that the man she met on is looking for Rs. 62 lakhs pa. She further noted that her father deleted her Jeevansathi profile after whatever transpired.


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