During a pitch about tasers, Shark Tank India judge Amit Jain took a sly dig at fellow judge Namita Thapar, calling her a ‘husband beater’. While the remark was passed on as a ‘joke’, the way it was said was rather unpleasant. What’s shocking is that the joke was made on a show that is known for triggering a wave of new-age entrepreneurs with refreshing ideas.

It so happened that a brother-sister duo of Abhay and Smaritika Sharma were pitching their adventure safety brand Smart Stick Guardian’s gadgets. The list of gadgets included alarms, flashlights, and even a taser that can be used in SOS situations.

As the sibling duo presented the products, Namita joked, “Ye koi misuse nahi kar sakta kya apne husband ya kisi aur par?” (Can’t someone misuse the taser on their husband or anyone else?).

Before the sibling duo could respond, it was Amit Jain, who replaces Ashneer Grover, who chimed in. Jain, the co-founder of CarDekho called Namita a ‘husband beater’. Meanwhile, Anupam Mittal also joined the ‘banter’ adding, “Ghar ki baat ghar mein rakha karo, yaha kya bata rahi ho national TV mein!” (Why bring this up on national TV, keep matters of household at home).

Meanwhile, the deal was later scooped up by Peyush Bansal and Aman Gupta.

The Facts of the Matter

The second season of Shark Tank has entered its fourth week and the show continues to entertain and educate masses about investments and businesses. Like any reality-show in India, Shark Tank India too has had its moment of drama and cringe worthy moments. In one such incident, netizens remained divided over a remark made by CarDekho co-founder Amit Jain.

The remark was made during a pitch where a sibling duo were presenting emergency products. Earlier last week, Abhay and Smaritika Sharma were presenting their business called Smart Stick Guardian. The sibling duo were presenting products from their business such as flash lights, alarms, and even tasers for adventurers.

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Amit Jain Calls Namita Thapar ‘Wife Beater’

As the duo presented the taser, Namita Thapar interjected and said, “Ye koi misuse nahi kar sakta kya apne husband ya kisi aur par?” (Can’t someone misuse this on their husband). While Namita’s remark resulted in small laughter, Amit Jain chimed in and called her a ‘husband beater’.

Meanwhile, Shaadi.com founder Anupam Mittal also joined the banter and said, “Ghar ki baat ghar mein rakha karo, yaha kya bata rahi ho national TV mein!”, (keep matters of household in home, why bring them up on national television).

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Netizens Remain Unimpressed Over Banter

Netizens on Twitter took to the microblogging platform and slammed Namita for her remark about abusive actions against a husband, in such a casual manner.

“If same was judge against his wife your feminism would have woken up always why husband are to be made culprit and made fun off huh….are you promoting domestic voilance on husband’s?”, a Twitter user reacted.

“This kind of toxic thinking against husband is not women empowerment…”, reacted another Twitter user.

“Domestic Violence against Husband is not a joke, please understand Domestic Violence against men is a reality and need to be addressed immediately,” another user wrote.

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Peyush Bansal and Aman Gupta Seal the Deal

Shifting our focus back to the pitch, it was Namita and Amit who offered the sibling duo an offer of Rs 51 lakhs for 10 percent of business equity. However, Anupam, Peyush and Aman got together to offer Rs 51 lakhs for 12 percent of equity. In the end, Peyush and Aman shook hands at 6 percent equity at the ask price of Rs 51 lakhs.


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