To make your ‘boring day’ better, Shehnaaz Gill has recently featured in composer Yashraj Mukhate composition. Interestingly enough, the duo also danced in a fun twist ending. In his recent video with Shehnaaz Gill, the composer took her clips from reality show Bigg Boss and gave his unique twist to make it a catchy number.

For those living under the rock, Yashraj Mukhate achieved overnight stardom with his catchy ‘Sada Kutta Tommy’ and ‘Rasode Mein Kaun Thaa’ compositions. The composer is known for taking seemingly mundane videos from television shows and movies and turning them into addictive viral compositions. The mashups have given birth to multiple memes, which is a sure-shot way of appealing to the millennials and Gen-Z people across the nation

The Facts of the Matter

Crossovers are some of the exciting pieces of content – for both the creators and their fans. So, when Internet’s darling Shehnaaz Gill meets the favorite composer of Indian meme-stars Yashraj Mukhate, you can be sure that sparks will fly. On January 20, Yashraj Mukhate dropped a new mashup featuring Shehnaaz Gill where he took clips from her apperance in Bigg Boss and added his unique twist to it.

Such is the impact and reach of Yashraj Mukhate that within an hour of its release, the video has been liked by over and a half lakh people and over five thousand people have dropped comments on the same.

In the new mashup featuring Shehnaaz Gill, Mukhate has taken Bigg Boss clips where Gill can be heard complaining about her ‘boring day’. ‘Such a boring day’, she complains, and ‘such a boring people’ she adds, in an accent that her fans are super fond of.

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“Mood Mera Down Bada”: Yashraj Dances with Shehnaaz Gill

Bringing in the x-factor he is known for, Yashraj brings out a dholak and turns Gill’s rant into a catchy mashup. As the mashup progressess, more instruments are brought in and Mukhate joins the vocals. “Mood mera down bada, ye din aaj ka kab end hoga re”, Mukhate sings.

However, the real surprise came when Shehnaaz also joins the vocals and sings along Mukhate. As if the duo didn’t give their fans a reason to jump with joy, the duo break into dance. The vocals in the background continue with ‘Such a boring day, such a boring people’.

Watch Yashraj Mukhate and Shehnaaz Gill Mashup Video:


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Celebrities React to Yashraj Mukhate’s New Mashup

As mentioned earlier, the mashup has received some massive reaction within hours of it being shared on Instagram. Netizens, both prominent influencers, and fans of Mukhate, dropped their comments, complimenting Yashraj’s catchy tune.

Actress and reality show judge Archana Puran Singh commented saying, “Haahhhahahahhahahahaa supperrrrrrb Yashraj️ Bahut dino baad. Lekin mazzaaa aa gaya”

Social media influencer Anushka Bhaguna commented saying, Life has meaning now”.

Comment of Archana Puran Singh

Comment of Archana Puran Singh

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How Yashraj Shot to Fame thanks to Shehnaaz Gill

Earlier, Yashraj shot to fame when he had converted another snippet from Bigg Boss featuring Shehnaaz Gill into a catchy tune. Titled ‘Tuada Kutta Tommy”, the mashup featured Shehnaaz having an argument with a Bigg Boss contestant. In the video, she rants about how her feelings never get reciprocated by fellow contestants. To make the number extra special, Mukhate had added a clip of Shah Rukh Khan from Mohabbatein.


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