Sherlyn Chopra recently shared a picture of herself with Raj Kundra. However, netizens claimed that the picture was photoshopped. The news shouldn’t to anyone who has closely followed the Raj Kundra adult films case. Since he was investigated by the police and then later arrested, Sherlyn Chopra has publicly spoke against Kundra, going as far as alleging that Kundra sexually assaulted her.


The storm of controversy about and around Raj Kundra is not dying as days turn into weeks. What started as the Mumbai Police’s investigation on the businessman’s involvement in the production and distribution of adult films, has transformed into reports of Kundra’s other avenues of earnings, his wife and Bollywood actress Shilpa’s involvement in the matter and more.

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Sherlyn Chopra and Her Claims

Since Kundra’s investigation and subsequent arrest, adult film actress Sherlyn Chopra too aligned herself with the developments. On multiple occasions she publicly raised multiple allegations against Raj Kundra. Recently, Chopra again took to her social media platforms to share a picture of her and Kundra.

Chopra shared a throwback picture with the caption, “29 मार्च, 2019 का दिन था। आर्म्स्प्राइम द्वारा आयोजित ‘द शर्लिन चोपड़ा’ एैप का पहला कॉन्टेंट शूट होने जा रहा था। मेरे लिए यह एक नया अनुभव था क्योंकि पहले कभी किसी एैप के साथ मैं जुड़ी नहीं थी। उम्मीद और जोश का माहौल था (It was 29th March 2019. The first content shoot for the ‘Sherlyn Chopra’ app organized by Armsprime was about to happen. This was a new experience for me as I was never associated to an app like this before. There was an air of hope and excitement).

Chopra Deletes Image from Instagram, Visible on Twitter

Interestingly enough, Chopra deleted the image from her Instagram feed, however, she had shared the same picture with the same caption on Twitter as well.

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Can’t Fool the Eagle’s Eyes of Netizens

But as it’s often said, you can’t hide from the long arm of the law, and the eagle like eyes of netizens. As soon as Chopra shared the picture, several people pointed out the glaring markers of the picture being photoshopped. One user said that the picture of Kundra is morphed over another person.

Netizens Call “Photoshopped” on Throwback Pic

Another wrote, “Looks like Raj is added in the pic…shadow and border line is there”. A reason, who didn’t feel like even giving evidence about the image being graphically manipulated just said, “Its so evident, its photoshopped.”

A few users mocked Chopra and one of them said-

“Ache se edit to kar leti (you could’ve edited it nicely at least). A user suggested Chopra to not fall for such tactics for money and fame and further suggested, “Such a bad photoshop at least could of hired a better person to make it look realistic,”.

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Other Allegations Raised by Chopra

Earlier, Chopra had alleged that Kundra approached her to make adult films with her and signed an agreement with her in March, 2021. She also alleged that Kundra told her that his wife Shilpa Shetty liked her work.

“During the shoot, I was encouraged. They used to say I am doing great and Shilpa has seen your photos and videos and has appreciated my work. And when you get so much praise from the seniors it does not make you feel that you are doing something wrong and it makes you think to do better,”

-she said during an interview with Times of India.