Have you ever encountered people who have the audacity to question girls on her success in her job in a short time? Questioning her driving skills? Questioning her clothes? Questioning her home management skill? Questioning about marriage plans after attaining an age which as per the society is very old? Have you ever thought of how this must have been impacting the life of that particular female? 

We are sure, you must have encountered a lot of people with such a narrow-minded approach. 

But are we doing anything to change that? 

The answer, at large, is a no! 

To fight this thought process in our society, we are proud to share that 94.3 MyFm has taken up an initiative where Rj Anjali in her show superwoman is running a campaign “Get Well Soon”. We are in 100% support of this cause, we thank them for taking this up. We also want to wish all the people who are victims of such a narrow-minded approach Get Well Soon!

But seriously, Have you ever really thought about the kind of impact these questions have on the mind of that female to whom these questions are pointed upon? 

We live in a society where male dominance is still persistent and women empowerment on the ground is still a distant dream. We have made a lot of new rules and regulations on the top level of any organisation policy to empower women, to give them fair chances, etc etc. But are we really empowering them? 

The kind of perception the society makes towards women who are driving or has a good job and is doing well and getting promoted at a faster pace than others, or women who don’t know how to do household chores, or women who take up things which are made for so-called men only, the reaction they get from society is never in appreciation at first. Those eyes of judgment create a lot of self-consciousness amongst females. 

After talking to women in our own team we got to know that this disease is so much deeply rooted in our society that we don’t have to see anywhere else but to just look in ourselves. 

In conversation with our team members, we got to analyse a lot of things which are very common and deadly wrong but since they are so-called normal amongst us we don’t pay attention and ignore. 

We would like to take this opportunity and would want to share incidents that our team members got through every single day. 

  • Whenever a female driver is driving, there is this deemed assumption that she is wrong because “She apparently doesn’t know how to Drive!”. This thing came out to be a common yes from all the females where they shared that every single time they are driving, they get an angry glance from male drivers, they get comments like “Chalana nahi aati toh kyu chalati ho” (if you can’t drive why do you drive), “Kisne dila di tumhe Car” (who bought you this car). One time one of our colleagues had a big fight where the mistake was of the male driver but she ended apologising because everyone around pointed fingers at her just because she was a female. 
  • In another incident, while one of our colleagues was going to the hospital at night around 8.00 pm to get some medicines which were of urgent use, while walking to the medical store in decent shorts and a t-shirt, which let me tell you was just next to her house, three men on a bike passed by commenting “O nangi, Kapade nahi dilaye kya madam!” (you naked, don’t you have clothes to wear)

There are many more incidents like such which made us think that it’s time these issues are talked about and something is done. To stop this non-sense discrimination, we are glad that 94.3MYFM is organising such campaigns.