Where do you think the richest people in the world would live? Well, wherever they want. They are the richest and do not need to worry about anything. So, here is a list of ten of the Richest Cities in the World, which are home and birthplaces of tens of billionaires and have the richest infrastructure, architecture, markets and heritage.

10. Mumbai, India

Mumbai the capital city of Maharashtra is a peninsula, located on the coast of the state. It is the richest place in India and one of the richest cities in the World.

The city houses World’s Biggest Slum “Dharavi” on one end. On the other hand, the world’s most expensive house “Antella” owned by Indian Billionaire Mukesh Ambani is also in Mumbai. Mukesh’s net worth is around 50 Billion US $ of which Antella is worth Rs. 7000 Crore. Mumbai is the most populated cities of the country housing around 2.25 Crore people. Apart from this, the city is also called as Film City or City of Dreams for it is the hub of Indian Film Industry, Bollywood. The city has around 37 billionaires.

 However, if you wish to reside in Mumbai soon be prepared to get inflicted from water & air pollution. Mumbai stands as the 4th most polluted city in the world. Apart from this, floods during rains are a common scene in the suburbs as the city lies on the coastline of the Arabian Sea. The city receives so much of rain that its drain system falls short to deal with it, resulting in floods. Apart from this, the city is on the red mark of terrorist and there have been multiple bomb blasts and terror attacks in Mumbai over the past years.

9. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is one of the richest, largest and most developed cities of South Korea. The city is one of the best places to live around the world. Even though the city has one of the most modern technologies in the world, citizens still value their traditional cultures. Both things can be seen together in the city. The city is surrounded by building touching skies, built with modern technology and architecture. One of the biggest companies in the world like Samsung & Hyundai was born in South Korea only. Around

38 billionaires and the richest people in the world reside in South Korea. The capital city is divided into 25 districts of which Gangnam District (Yes, from Gangnam Style) is the richest one which houses the richest people of the country including most of the Korean celebrities. There are multiple Plastic Surgery Clinics, luxury fashion Boutiques & grand shopping malls. Plastic Surgery business is highly operation in the district. Seoul’s streets are always filled with luxurious cars. Chairman of Samsung Lee Kun Hee also resides in Seoul only.

8. Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen is a modern metropolis, situated in southeastern China linking Hong Kong to China’s mainland. It is one of the best destinations for shopping lovers as it has massive malls with a vast array of wares, from tailors’ custom clothing to faux designer bags. Will 600m high skyscrapers, Ping An International Finance Centre & several amusement parks, Shenzhen is mainland China’s most attractive cities.

7. San Francisco, USA 

Not only one of the richest but also most tech-advanced cities of the world, San Francisco is a city in California USA, housing the CEO & founders of world’s most renowned companies like Twitter, Uber, Pinterest, Airbnb & lot more. The city houses the highest valuing per-capita billionaires. It has a total number of 42 billionaires. These people run the highest valuing companies in the world. The city sources the most modern technology in the world.

6. Shanghai China 

The city is also called as Financial Centre of China. Because of its geographical location, the city is best for shipping & cargo businesses. World’s biggest and busiest harbour is situated in Shanghai only. It is considered as the most expensive city in southern Asia. A total of 45 billionaires live in Shanghai.

5. London, United Kingdom

Apart from having multiple home-made billionaires and millionaires, the city is a major centre of attraction for World Billionaires as the city is immigrated every year by a lot of rich and luxurious families for becoming permanent residents. Of the total 55 billionaires living in London, 5 major Swedish billionaires, 4 Russian & many others from India, Egypt, Australia & America are included. Apart from the rich lifestyle, the city is one of the most water abundant cities in the world attracting a lot of population from drought-affected nations.

4. Beijing, China

The capital city of China, Beijing is one of the 4 richest cities on the list from China. The city is not only famous for its billionaires but most of the politicians including China’s President Xi Jin Ping also lives in Beijing. China is the most populated country developing at an everlasting pace. Hence, the capital city of China is a hub for large industries, businesses and elite class people. The city has 17 tech-billionaires & 12 real estate billionaires with a total of 61 billionaires.

3. Moscow, Russia

Capital City of Russia, Moscow is also the country’s educational, financial as well as business hub. It is the 3rd richest city in the world & richest city of the largest country in the world. The city has 90% of the Russian Population with the rest 10% immigrant population. Total of 71 billionaires who own the biggest Russian companies lives in Moscow. Apart from being a tourist attraction for its architectural and heritage beauty, Moscow is a well-chosen spot for higher studies by international & exchange students.

2. Hongkong, China

The most developed and richest cities of China, Hongkong stands at 2nd in the list of “Forbes World’s Richest Cities 2019”. As per WealthX, Hongkong is the richest city in the world. Although the stats may differ for the two firms, Hongkong is still the richest cities of Asia Continent. Hongkong is one of the highest tourist attractions in the world. Its heritage, lifestyle, industrial development and much more has escalated the urbanization, resulting in the hiked net worth of the real-estate owners of the city. A total of 79 billionaires live in this city.

1. New York, USA

Famous as the Concrete Jungle of the World, Dream City & Sky-Scrapper city of the world, NewYork is the richest city in the whole world. This city is not only home to the most number of billionaires of the world, but also the birthplace of hundreds of billionaires, who went on to become the owners of biggest tech, finance & real-estate companies.

 It is the most suitable place for billionaires because of the lifestyle, infrastructure, industry and resource availability. Apart from this, there are millions of investment opportunities in New York. The city is also the home and birthplace of one of the most expensive restaurants, fashion stores and luxury brands. Current President of the USA, Donald J Trump comes from New York only who is also famous for being one of the richest people in the world. A total of 84 billionaires reside in New York.