In a goof-up of epic proportions, 2 boys in Bihar find over Rs. 900 crores deposited in their bank accounts. The boy had reportedly taken to the localized branch of their banks to see if a small amount that they were to receive by government had been transferred or not. But to their absolute shock, the two boys found that their bank accounts were laden with crores of rupees.

Earlier on September 15, a similar incident was reported from Bihar when a man refused to return Rs. 5.5 lakhs that was wrongly credited to his account. Claiming that “PM Modi sent” the money, the man claimed that he thought the amount was the first installment of Rs. 15 lakhs PM Modi had promised every Indian before elections.


People across the country and even world have one thing in common – their fantasies. They all share fantasies such as winning lottery, or finding a sum of cash abandoned on a street, and more such day-dreaming notions. Unfortunately, most of us make our way through lives having not a single one of such fantasies fulfilled.

However recently, two boys in Bihar had such fantasy fulfilled. Not only did they find a huge sum of money in their account, they were flabbergasted as the amount crossed crores of rupees.

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The Facts of the Matter

On September 16, residents of Katihar village scrambled to their banks and queued up to see if their account had some new transactions made. The outpour of the villagers to the banks was triggered by a strange incident.

2 young school students from the village received the shock of their lives when they found out their bank accounts filled with crores of rupees. Reportedly, the two school students – Guru Charan Vishwas and Ashish Kumar – had accounts in the Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank.

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How the Students Found Out About the Transfer

Under a government scheme that the two school students had availed, they were to receive a small amount to buy their school uniform and other expenses. When they went to the Central Pension Processing Center to see whether the amount or not, they found out that crores of rupees had been credited in their accounts.

While Ashish Kumar’s bank account showed a 9-digit amount with a credit of Rs. 6.2 crores, Guru Charan’s richness knew no bound. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief as he saw over Rs. 900 crores in his bank account.

“Glitch in Computer. Actual Money Not in Account”: District Magistrate

An NDTV report quoted the village’s District Magistrate Udayan Mishra saying that an investigation has been launched into the matter. “The branch manager told us there was some glitch in the computerised system of sending money. The amount was visible in their statements but the actual money wasn’t in their account. I have sought a report from the bank,” he said.

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Another Similar Incident

It should be noted that this is not an isolated event. Earlier yesterday, a man in Bihar received jailtime after he didn’t return Rs. 5.5 lakhs that were wrongfully credited into his account. Rajit Das had allegedly spent the money that was wrongfully credited.

“PM Modi Gave It”

A Mid-Day report cited that the man thought that it was PM Modi that sent him the money. According to the report, the man was under the notion that the amount was the first lakh of the Rs. 15 lakhs that PM Modi had promised every Indian before elections. “I have spent all the money. Now, I did not have money in my bank account,” he added.