In a shocking incident in Kerala, a mother-daughter duo found snake skin in their food. One of Kerala’s restaurants was recently forced to close after a customer claimed to have discovered snake skin in her meal. The event occurred on May 5 when a mother-daughter duo ordered food from the restaurant, as per the Independent. The woman, Priya, was at Nedumangad on Thursday to assist her daughter, who was taking her Class X exams. They ordered two porottas (flat bread) and gravy from the restaurant after the examination was prolonged.

Priya reportedly noticed a piece of snake skin on the wrappings when she began eating the food after her daughter had completed her portion.

The Facts of the Matter

A Twitter user posted a picture of the food that a woman and her daughter ordered from a restaurant in Thiruvananthapuram which reportedly had snake skin in it.

Restaurant Found to be in “Poor Condition”

According to reports, Nedumangad’s food safety officer, Arshitha Basheer, said that officials visited the hotel and discovered it to be in “poor condition.”

Food safety inspectors have temporarily shut down the hotel in Nedumangad, Thiruvananthapuram. When a customer bought parotta from a shop in Chandamukku, she allegedly discovered snake skin remnants in the food package. The eatery has been temporarily closed, according to Anil Kumar, Assistant Commissioner of Food Safety in Thiruvananthapuram.

What Food Safety Officer had to Say

“We quickly investigated the hotel. It functioned despite its poor state. There was insufficient lighting in the kitchen, and scrap was strewn outside. The outlet was immediately shut down, and a show-cause notice was issued. Our preliminary findings indicate that the dead skin was in the newspaper used to pack the meal,” said Arshitha Basheer, food safety officer for Nedumangad Circle.

She explained to the media outlet that the flatbread was put on clear wrapping paper and wrapped in newspaper. She claimed that the piece of snake skin had come into contact with parotta underneath.

Hotel had All Required Licenses and Permissions

The hotel had all of the necessary licenses and permissions, according to the investigation conducted by the municipality. Furthermore, the food on the hotel’s premises was in perfect condition. As a result, the hotel received a warning and was ordered to temporarily close until thorough cleaning could be completed.


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