In a high-octane shootout at Rohini Court, Delhi’s most wanted gangster Gogi was killed. The assailants were rival gang members who posed as lawyers. The shoot-out happened at the Delhi’s Rohini court. Reportedly, the assailants were shot down by the Counter Intelligence team who were present in the court. As many as 27 bullets were fired inside the court number 206 where Gogi was supposed to be brought in front of a lawyer.


Gang wars and shoot outs are usually reported to transpire on the streets, or an abandoned house. But what happens if a most wanted is targeted at a Court in a country’s national capital. On September 28, Delhi’s most wanted Gogi was shot down by some men who are reported to be members of a rival gang. Soon videos of the shootout surfaced on the internet showing a high-octane exchange of gunfire.

These are the facts of the matter.

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The Facts of the Matter

When Delhi’s most wanted Gogi aka Jitendra was making his way into a Rohini Courtroom, little did he know that he would be assassinated by members of rival gang. The court staff and lawyers were also in for a deadly shootout to occur right in front of their eyes.

According to reports, 2 armed men gunned down Jitender Maan aka Gogi at the Delhi’s Rohini Court. The courtroom shootout also left people wondering about the state of security of a pose that promises safety and security to the guilty and the innocent both.

Assailants Were From Tillu Gang, Posed as Lawyers

Reportedly, 2 men who are being reported by major media outlets as members of Tillu Tajpuriya gang entered into the courtroom with their .38 pistol and .30 bore pistol. Both the assailants were posing as lawyers who belonged in the court and hence, were able to sneak into the court.

The assailants were identified as Rahul and Moris who entered the court the same time as Gogi. Soon, the two assailants opened the fire and owing to the fact that it was a close-range attack, Gogi died on the spot.

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Police Retaliates, 3 Gangsters Dead

Meanwhile, a report from Indian Express stated that Special Cell personnel retaliated with gunfire and a total of 8 rounds were fired. Two rounds were fired by Northen Range of Special Cell head constable, while counter intelligence team personnel head constable fired four rounds and another constable fired 2 more rounds.

After the incident, the Delhi Police issued a statement which read, “Two gangsters killed in immediate counterfire by Police as they opened fire in lawyers attire at a gangster UTP in Rohini court premises this afternoon. All 3 gangsters dead. No other injury or death occurred. JtCP nothern range will enquire into the incident and submit report.”

Videos Show the Courtroom Shootout:

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Who Was Jitendra Maan aka Gogi?

Jitendra was arrested around two years back in Gurugram after he evaded the police for years. From murders, to extortion, Mann was involved in a slew of crimes and had received most-wanted status by the police.

Reportedly, Jitendra was a Delhi University topper. Back in 2010, Gogi and Tillu Tajpuria locked horns during the Delhi University student elections. Although Gogi’s associate withdrew from the elections, Delhi got its two biggest gangs who would indulge in rivalry for the next 10 years.

In 2016, Gogi was arrested by the police. Somehow, he managed to flee and thus, a Rs. 4 lakh reward was imposed on his head. In 2017, Gogi’s members gunned down folk singer Harshita Dahiya, who was a prime witness in a murder case lodged against Gogi’s associate.

In 2020, Gogi and his gang members were arrested by Delhi Police.