Another Shraddha Walkar like murder case has surfaced from the national capital where a mother-son duo reportedly murdered a man and chopped his body into several pieces. The accused duo has been held for their alleged crime. The victim in the matter has been identified as Anjan Das, a resident of Pandav Nagar, while the accused have been identified as Anjan’s wife Poonam and their son Deepak.

The case has eerie similarities to the Shraddha Walkar case as the accused duo kept the victim’s body pieces stored in a refrigerator, much like Aftab Poonawala, the primary accused in the Walkar case, did. Similarly, the accused duo scattered the body pieces across several areas of East Delhi.

The matter came to the fore after the cops found some mutilated body parts of a victim in Pandav Nagar, earlier in June. However, due to the decomposed state of the hand, they could not initially ascertain more about the victim or the case.

After the Shraddha Walkar case was investigated, the police tried probing whether the body parts they found earlier in June, belonged to Walkar.

Further probe led the cops to CCTV footage which shows Deepak walking with a bag, allegedly out and about to dispose the body pieces. Deepak’s mother and the co-accused, is also seen waking behind him.

The Facts of the Matter

Before the country could come to terms with the heinous and gruesome nature of the ShraddhaWalkar murder case, another eeerily similar murder case has been reported from the national capital. Much like the Walker murder case, this case too occurred in Delhi, involves a refrigerator, and cutting of body in several parts, and disposal of parts across the national capital.

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Accused Believed Husband was Having Affair

The accused in the matter have been identified as the victim’s wife Poonam, and their son Deepak. According to an NDTV report, the accused suspected her husband of having an affair, and ended up killing him. Following the murder, the accused woman and her son chopped the victim into 22 parts.

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Eerie Similarities with Shraddha Walkar Case

The case has eerie similarities to the ongoing Shraddha Walkar case. Much akin to how accused of the Walkar case, Aftab Poonawala stored his victim’s body pieces in a refrigerator, the mother-daughter duo in the most recent case also stored the pieces of the victim in a fridge.

Further, the way Aftab disposed Walkar’s body pieces across the city, the mother-son duo too got out of their house in the wee hours, and disposed the body parts of the victim across east Delhi suburbs.

How the Case Got Re-Investigated

The matter came to the fore after the cops found mutilated body parts in June and a case of murder was filed. However, due to the decomposed state of the body parts, a progress could not be made. After the horrific Shraddha Walkar case surfaced, the cops probed whether the body parts found in June were hers.

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CCTV Footage Surfaces

Further probe in the matter led the cops to the truth of the matter. Further, CCTV footage from neighbourhood have also surfaced, showing Deepak stepping out of his home in the wee hours, and being followed by his mother.

Deepak can be seen holding a bag, which police are suspecting, carried the body parts of the victim.


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