Siddharth Suryanarayan, Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s ex opens up about his tweet ‘cheaters never prosper’ which he posted within a few hours of the announcement of Naga Chaitanya’s and Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s separation. Siddharth clarified that his tweet was not aimed at anyone specifically and he always tweets about his life.


On 2nd October, Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya announced their separation in a joint statement stating that they are no longer a couple and have decided to pursue their paths. The couple got married in 2017 in Goa and were together for the last four years. The couple was popularly known ‘ChaySam’. After facing several trolls on social media, the couple requested media and their fans to give them some privacy. Within a few hours of this announcement Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s ex Siddharth tweeted a cryptic post ‘cheater never prosper’ -“One of the first lessons I learnt from a teacher in school… ‘Cheaters never prosper. What’s yours?”

Samantha and Siddharth, who have been co-stars in the past were also reported to be in a relationship for a long time in 2013. However, the two of them never confirmed the reporting. Since Siddharth’s tweet was made within a few hours of Samantha’s divorce announcement with Chaitanya, people thought it was a dig at them.

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Siddharth’s Clarification

In an online video of NTV Telugu, when Siddharth was questioned about his tweet ‘cheaters never prosper’, he clarified that the tweet was not a dig at his ex Samantha. Siddharth said that the tweet was about his personal life and had no relevance with anything else. In the video when Siddharth was asked about the tweet ‘coming out of nowhere. He replied instantly in Telugu, “Why will it come out of nowhere, sir? I have been tweeting for 12 years now. One day, if I say that stray dogs are barking outside my house and if people come and ask me, ‘Are you calling me a dog?’, what can I do? I am talking about actual dogs.”

When Siddharth was asked that if the tweet had any relevance with his ex Samantha’s divorce, he replied, “Please, I only talk about my life. There is no relation to anything else. If you are associating it with something that it has no relation to, that’s your problem.” He said that the tweet was about his conversation with his Mahasamudram director as one of the movie’s themes is based on cheating. Siddharth made a justification by asking what is he supposed to do if every cheater would come and ask if the tweet was about them. Further, he also said that he has been making tweets for years and has never been asked about any of his posts except the ‘cheater’ one.

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Social Media User’s Reaction to Siddharth’s Tweet

The ‘cheaters never prosper’ tweet made by Siddharth was not taken down well by Samantha’s fans and other social media users. Siddharth was heavily trolled by several social media users for his tweet.

One of the netizens wrote: “That’s why she prospered more than you and Chaitanya Akkineni. #ChaySam.”

While a person tagged his tweet “Such a low”.

One of the users criticized Siddharth heavily saying, “Have you heard of the phrase ‘below the belt’ @Actor_Siddharth? I really wish that your teacher had taught you that. It’s okay though. How long could you have masqueraded as a supposedly progressive person and a #feminist! Forget Samantha, I don’t think anyone should be with you.”

While some of the users questioned his maturity saying, “Age doesn’t define Maturity Clearly.”