Downloads of the messaging apps Signal and Telegram has increased suddenly in the last few days. Signal had 2.3 million new downloads from 6th to 10th January. The download is 43 times more than that in the previous week. And it is the highest number of downloads in a month in the history of Signal. Telegram had 1.5 million downloads from 6th to 10th January.  

While WhatsApp’s download fell from 2 million new downloads between 1st-5th January to 1.3 million between 6th-10th January. 

Since the launch of the apps, Signal has 3.9 million downloads and Telegram has 151.5 million downloads in India.  

The surge in downloads of these two apps comes after WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy which allows it to share users’ phone number, IP address, mobile device information, and transaction data with Facebook. 

Signal said that the chats are end-to-end encrypted and prevent a non-intended recipient from reading the messages. Telegram also claims that every chat on the app has been end-to-end encrypted since its launch. After the policy update, people have started looking for an alternative messaging app with better security. Some have uninstalled WhatsApp and shifted to Signal and Telegram.  

Even Elon Musk posted on Twitter that people should use Signal. 

Founder of Paytm Vijay Shekhar Sharma also wrote on Twitter that WhatsApp / Facebook are abusing their monopoly in India & taking away millions of users’ privacy for granted. We should move on to Signal App. It all depends on us to become a victim or reject such moves. 

WhatsApp has informed its users that the update in the privacy policy will not apply to personal chats. The update is only applicable to business accounts. The data shared with Facebook will be used to improve services and to provide better safety and security.  

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