Singer-turned politician Babul Supriyo has finally called it quits with politics and said his final ‘Alvida’. His announcement of quitting politics comes after he suffered multiple losses in the form of his loss at the Elections and the losing his Union Ministry position after PM Modi shuffled his cabinet. Supriyo announced his retirement from politics in a long post on Facebook where he also added that he’s not been approached by any other party, nor is he looking to join anyone.


Singer turned Bengal BJP politician and former Union Minister Babul Supriyo announced that he is quitting politics and now wants to pursue social work. Further, he also cited differences in the opinions he had with other BJP leaders during the 2021 West Bengal assembly polls his state witnessed recently. “The infighting between senior leaders is causing harm to the party”, Mr. Supriyo said.

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“Have supported only Mohun Bagan and BJP”

Taking to Facebook, Supriyo wrote a long message which said-

“Goodbye. I have listened to everyone — my parents, wife, daughter and my good friends. And after listening to them I can tell you that I am not joining any other party… not TMC, Congress or CPM. I am a team player. I have always supported one team — Mohun Bagan. And have done only BJP. That’s it. Goodbye.”

“Obviously” resigning as MP

In the Facebook post, Supriyo also said that if one wants to do social work, they can do it without actually being present in politics. With that, he also said that he’s “obviously” resigning from his post of being a Member of Parliament.

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Spoke to Shah, Nadda About Quitting Politics

Supriyo claimed how in the past few days he repeatedly spoke to Union Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP National President J.P. Nadda about his decision to quit politics. In his online quitting announcement, Supriyo also gave a few details as to whether his resignation comes due to his loss in West Bengal assembly elections and him losing his Union Ministry Seat.

On Why He Quit Politics

“The question is why I have left politics? Does it have anything to do with leaving the ministry? Yes there is! There is a big difference between 2014 and 2019. Back then, I was only BJP ticket then, but today, BJP is the main opposition in Bengal. There are not only bright young leaders, but also many old wise leaders. Needless to say, the party led by them will go a long way,”

-his Facebook post read.

Further, he also gave an insider’s perspective into the inner-workings of BJP ahead of the 2021 polls.

“Even before the poll, there were differences of opinions within the state leadership on some issues. But the party lost ground due to disagreements and quarrels among senior leaders.”,

-he wrote.

He also added-

“I have been in this space for a while. Have satisfied some people and also not been able to make a few others happy. There have been times when I was left dejected and disappointed. But I am leaving with you all the responsibility to evaluate all of that. After answering all the questions that I have had on my mind, I am saying in my own way — goodbye!”

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What happened with Babul Supriyo This Year?

Earlier this month, Babul Supriyo was removed as the Union Minister of State of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. His removal came right after he lost the Tollygunj consistency during the Assembly Elections which were held in West Bengal.