In an incident that can be called ‘sinister sacrifice in Rajkot’, a couple beheaded themselves using a homemade guillotine like device in what is suspected as an evil and dark sacrificial ritual. The incident has sent shockwaves across community, with many reeling under the gruesome details of the case, wherein the couple made sure their beheaded heads would fall into a fire after being severed.

The couple, identified as Hemubhai Makwana and his wife Hansaben, allegedly committed suicide by beheading themselves in a gruesome sacrificial ritual. They reportedly created a guillotine-like device at home, which they used to sever their heads.

In a sinister and chilling move, they prepared a fire altar and placed their heads under the mechanism. As soon as they released the rope, an iron blade fell on them, and their heads rolled into the fire.

The police received a suicide note from the scene of the incident, in which the couple urged their relatives to take care of their children and parents. The family members were devastated to learn about the incident, which occurred on Saturday night and was discovered on Sunday afternoon.

It has been reported that the couple had been offering daily prayers in the hut for the past year. However, the reason behind their decision to carry out such a horrific act remains unclear.

The Facts of the Matter

The village of Vinchhiya in Gujarat, India, is a rather peaceful and unassuming place, where villagers move in motions of rhythms of daily life. But very recently, something sinister stirred in the heart of the village. A ritualistic sacrifice, shrouded in mystery and terror, unfolded in a secluded hut on the outskirts of town, leaving behind only two headless bodies and a trail of unanswered questions.

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Headless Bodies Leaves Community in Shock

A shocking and sinister incident has come to light in the village of Vinchhiya in the Rajkot district of Gujarat. The discovery of two headless bodies in a secluded hut has left the entire community in a state of shock and disbelief.

According to police reports, the deceased couple has been identified as Hemubhai Makwana and his wife Hansaben. The couple allegedly committed suicide by beheading themselves in what is believed to be a gruesome sacrificial ritual.

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Gruesome Details of Sacrifice Revealed

(Discretion Advised)

For the mind-spinning sacrifice, the couple created a makeshift guillotine-like device at home and used it to sever their heads. The details of how the couple carried out the sacrificial ritual are chilling and macabre, and we advise discretion.

The couple in question prepared a fire altar before placing their heads under the mechanism, held by a rope. Upon releasing the rope, an iron blade fell on them, severing their heads, which rolled into the fire.

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Couple had been Praying in Hut for a Year

The police also received a suicide note from the location of the incident, which revealed the couple’s motives behind their actions.

The suicide note urged the relatives of the couple to take care of their parents and children, indicating a premeditated and planned action. According to the family members, the couple had been offering daily prayers in the hut for the past year, raising concerns about their mental and emotional state.

The police are currently investigating the case to uncover any possible motives behind the sacrificial ritual.


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