Recently, a slap fighting competitor, Comsa Sorin, won the slap championship belt, after having his face completely swollen and disfigured. For the uninitiated, slap fighting may appear to be one of the cruelest and rather unnecessary form of ‘sports’ where two competitors slap each other and continue till one of them doesn’t see stars in the day.

The ‘sport’ is one of the latest craze on the internet, and social media often gets flooded with the videos of two slap fighters taking turns to slap each other. The end results of such fights are sometimes funny but, on some occasions, devastating. Often, contestants push their own limits of taking powerful slaps on the face, and end up leaving the fight venue with a swollen or often, disfigured face.

In one such incident, social media is filled with video from the RXF Slap Fighting Championship, where a man’s face can be seen swollen up due to sustained slapping and strikes on the face. The man in question was identified as Comsa Sorin, who took slaps for almost 30 minutes, and found his face to be completely disfigured in its brutal math.

As a consolation, Sorin did emerge as the winner of the slapping contest and won the championship belt, along with a prize of €5,000 (over Rs 44,000).

The Facts of the Matter

UFC, WWE, and other extreme sports have often been criticized for not prioritizing the safety and health of the competitors. Combat sports, while entertaining for the viewers sitting at home or on the fene side, can be devastating to those who are participating. Case in point, Comsa Sorin, a man who was left with a completely disfigured face, after he took 30 minutes of slaps on his face at the RXF Slap Fighting Championship.

For the unversed, slap fighting is one of the newest trends in combat sports where two persons sit on either sides of the podium, and take turns slapping each other on their cheek. While the ‘sport’ may sound quite primal, fans of the sport may spend hours discussing the ‘techniques’ that come to use in the slapping.

Like boxing, the slap fighting also continues for 10 rounds, or till a point where competitor is not knocked out. Recently, a video surfaced on social media, showing a competitor Comsa Sorin, who took part in the RXF Slap Fighting Championship, and left the venue with his face completely disfigured.

The video shared by ‘Matysek88’ on Twitter shows Comsa Sorin’s face completely disfigured and swollen up after taking 30 minutes of slapping from the opponent. Sorin’s face is bloodied and despite the damage, he continues to take on slaps for the total period of 10 rounds.

Despite the damage on the face, Sorin, the defending champion, continued absorbing the slaps. Shockingly enough, at one point, he also went to referee. Not to put a stop to the ordeal, but to report about a foul by the opponent.

Watch Video here (Discretion Advised):

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Netizens React to Disturbing Footage

Netizens remained shocked and disturbed by the damage caused on Sorin’s face. “How is this legal ? An injured man is being hit without the ability to protect himself, terrible,” a netizen expressed their shock.

“I simply don’t get slap “fighting”. It’s like, let’s take every good thing from every combat sport and throw it away and come up with something from the remaining,” another tweeted.

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Man Managed to Win Title After having Face Disfigured

Meanwhile, for all the beating Sorin took, he did manage to retain the title and left the venue with the RXF champion’s belt, along with the prize money of €5,000 (over Rs 44,000).


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