Snapchat’s Snap Inc. on 17th May announced about a climate strategy that is planning to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, to profit off 100% renewable energy and they have possibly achieved carbon neutrality in once the new climate strategy gets implemented.

Addressing about the recent environmental impact of its operations and steps it has taken to resolve them, the company declared that it has now become carbon neutral. It’s annual Citizen Snap corporates report details about its plans to minimize its present gas emissions and how it is seen to combat climate change by allaying its carbon footprint.

The annual report can be read here- CitizenSnap-

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According to Dom Perella who is Snap’s deputy general counsel and chief compliance officer, by making the company more energy efficient, Snap could not only reduce costs in the long run, but also appeal to its mostly young user base, who are passionate about addressing climate change.

Adding to the stated facts he also said that they’re going to be living with the aftereffects of these impacts for many generations.

“Because it impacts our stakeholders… we want to make a difference. By 2025, Snap plans to reduce emissions generated from its business operations by 25%, in part by making its buildings more energy efficient and purchasing renewable energy.”

He said while talking about the upcoming plans.

Snap Inc. wrote about their achievement action plan that-

“We also feel a moral imperative because we know climate change disproportionately impacts people of colour. We are proud to be making our first big climate commitments and share what we are doing in our operations and on our platform to take action.”

The company sets that it aims to reduce emissions from business travel and from purchased goods and services all around by 35% “per unit of value” by switching to climate-friendly travel alternatives and motivating vendors to reduce their emissions.

According to the Incorporation it is now carbon neutral, funded by investing in forestry projects across the world to get a hold of its emissions. It also calculated its emissions listing back to Snapchat’s launch in 2011 and monitors its offset emissions to become retroactively carbon neutral.

Other leading tech companies have also moved to offset emissions retroactively. Alphabet Inc.’s Google said last year it had eliminated its carbon emissions history listed before 2007, when the company said it became carbon neutral.


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