A recent incident in Punjab has led to outrage and controversy after a social media influencer was seen dancing atop a police vehicle in Jalandhar. The influencer, identified as Payal Param, posted a video on Instagram where she is seen sitting on the bonnet of a police jeep and dancing to a Punjabi song. Her actions have been deemed offensive and disrespectful by many.

The police officer involved, Station House Officer (SHO) Ashok Kumar Sharma, has since been suspended for allowing Ms. Param to improperly use the police vehicle to shoot her social media video. The suspension comes after the video went viral online, sparking criticism from the public over the misuse of government resources.

Influencer Defends her Actions

Addressing the backlash in another social media video, Ms. Param explained that she was celebrating a friend’s birthday along with Mr. Sharma when she casually made the decision to shoot the video atop the police vehicle owned by the SHO. She claims she did not expect it to become such a big controversy and is sorry for any offense caused.

However, many are demanding stricter action considering the blatant disregard for proper conduct displayed by both the influencer and the police officer. The incident has raised concerns about the responsible use of public resources.

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Police Vehicle Used as Prop Without Authorization

According to eyewitness accounts, Ms. Param was seen seated on the bonnet of the stationary police vehicle, dancing and miming along to the music. In the video, she also makes an inappropriate gesture with her middle finger.

The police uniform and vehicle are recognized symbols of public service and law enforcement. Allowing their unauthorized use for a social media stunt has angered citizens who believe it undermines the dignity of the police force.

Senior officials have said that stern departmental action will be taken against SHO Sharma for dereliction of duty. A formal probe has also been initiated into the matter.

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Incident Highlights Need for Responsible Conduct on Social Media

Social media influencers often create content meant to garner attention and increase their follower count. However, many are emphasizing the need for more responsible conduct keeping in mind that influencers have a sizable public platform.

Misuse of public resources should be strictly avoided. Moreover, content that promotes illegal activities or denigrates public institutions must be called out instead of being mindlessly shared.

The police are reminding social media personalities to behave more responsibly and not treat serious government property as props for entertainment. Overall, the event is a reminder on the need for social media influencers to exercise caution and good judgement when creating content online.

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