Swiggy is one of the biggest and leading food delivery giants in India. It has been operating in India since last 5 years and has been able to serve with faster food deliveries to satisfy the hunger of millions of foodies like you and me. The app has offered us with food coupons, combos, offers and discounts which have changed the face of food delivery in the country.

Ordering food online through food delivery apps is one of the coolest things that technology has gifted us with. Plus, we Indians are great at using the Jugaad agenda always. With the hefty discounts being offered by the food delivery apps, Indians have not left any single chance of bagging a pack full of delicious food using those tasty discounting coupons.

On completing a whopping 5 years of success, serving millions of people with a gazillion treats and dishes, Swiggy has now got a great chunk of data about India, Indians and their food choices. Here are some facts revealed by Swiggy which none of us ever knew about India & its food choices:

1. Indians love coffee more than anything. Coffee is one of the most ordered food items and in fact the most ordered beverage on Swiggy.

2. Gulab Jamun is the most favourite dessert of Indians as Swiggy has received the most orders for the same in their dessert section. The 2nd most favourite dessert is ras malai.

3. When it comes to the food option, Biryani is among the most ordered food item. Swiggy’s statistics show that they receive 43 orders per minute for biryani. It is one of the most loved traditional dishes in India, may it be day or night. The 2nd most favourite traditional dish of Indians is Dosa followed by Burgers as the 3rd most ordered dish.

4. Well, we Indians are always asking for the extra. May it be offers, desserts or add ons. As per Swiggy, extra ketchup/ Sauces are among the best and most ordered add-ons. In fact, it is one of the most prominent comments received from customers “Send Extra Ketchup Sachets.”

5. Indians are indeed crazy for western cultures and brands. It is evident by the Swiggy’s stats that the restaurants with most ordered food include Subway, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s and Burger King. 

6. It may seem with the social media feeds and posts that India is a non-veg loving nation. However, Swiggy tells that “Pure-Veg is the most popular filter as being used more often by the users while ordering food.

7. Indians are great at being fans. However, this guys seems to be a fan of Swiggy. A guy from Bengaluru has used Swiggy 17,962 times to order food. It is the highest number of orders every given by any customer.

8. The highest value of the order for a dessert that has been received by Swiggy is worth Rs. 76,527/-. The customer ordered ice-creams. Although it was still not enough to order to replace the no. 1 Indian dessert “Gulab Jamun”.

Well, these were the facts that Swiggy gave out about Indians and their food choices. However, there are some facts about Swiggy which none of us ever knew. And they are quite fascinating:

1. Swiggy has launched in India 5 years ago and has been operating ever since, uninterruptedly. 

Swiggy’s delivery guys have travelled a total of 5,11,45,09,008 km. 

2. Apart from this, Swiggy not only has male delivery executives but female ones as well. The ladies have been able to deliver 2,63,989 orders to date. 

3. Swiggy has partnered with around 1.2 lakh restaurants, cafes and Kitchens from around 290 cities of India. The Swiggy family comprises of around 2 lakh delivery executives from around the nation.