The son of a retired cop in Ghaziabad died earlier this week after having his head smashed with brick over parking issue. Chilling video of the incident shows how the deceased was beaten to death by an unidentified person over the trivial issue.

The incident was reported from Ghaziabad’s Tilla Mode – Farukh Nagar Road and occurred outside an eatery earlier on Tuesday. 35-year-old Varun Singh, son of a retired Sub Inspector of the Delhi Police, died in the shocking incident.

The hair-raising incident of the video taken from a moving vehicle, shows Varun Singh lying lifeless on the road as the accused smashes a brick on his head. The sound of the heavy brick hitting the skull and making a ‘thud’ noise is enough to make one’s skin crawl in shock and horror.

As per eyewitnesses, Varun had parked his vehicle outside a roadside eatery. While leaving, Varun found another car being parked in such a way that his car’s door couldn’t be opened. This led to an argument between Varun and the car owners.

Later, Varun was rushed to the GTB Hospital, where he was declared dead. Based on the incident, an FIR was filed in the matter, and five teams have been formed to nab the accused.

The Facts of the Matter

In another shocking incident which sheds light on the deplorable state of law and order in Ghaziabad, a 35-year-old man was brutally beaten to death in public view over trivial matter of parking issue. The deceased, 35-year-old Varun Singh, was the son of a retired Sub Inspector from Delhi police.

According to reports, the incident was reported from Tilla Mode – Farukh Nagar Road and occurred near an eatery on Tuesday.

The entire ordeal was caught on video, visuals of which are making rounds of social media.

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What Does the Video Show?

The hair-raising video, taken from a moving car, shows one of the accused standing beside Varun Singh, who is lying on the road lifeless. The accused, wearing a yellow shirt and blue jeans, proceeds to smash a brick on the deceased’s head. Such was the impact of the hit, that the sound of the ‘thud’ of brick making contact with head was audible several hundred feet from the spot.

Watch the Video here (Viewer’s Discretion Advised)

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What Caused the Altercation?

According to reports, Varun and his friend Deepak and Sajay, were at an eatery on Loni Road, Tilla Mode. The alleged accused had parked their car in such a way that Varun couldn’t open the doors to his car. As per reports, Varun and the owner of the other car had a heated argument over the same, which escalated to a point of hurling abuses and shoving.

Before long, the unidentified accused picked a brick on the road and smashed it on Arun’s head repeatedly.

Superintendent of Police Gyanendra Singh spoke to media and said that the cops were alerted about the incident earlier on 9.15 pm. Along with the family, a team of cops reached to the spot, and rushed Varun to the GTB Hospital, where he was declared dead.

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Father Alleges Role of Friends in Son’s Death

Meanwhile, Varun’s father has alleged that Deepak and Sanjay had a role in his son’s death. Kanwarpal, Varun’s father, told TOI that his son’s friends Deepak and Sanjay were not present at the scene of incident, and also didn’t take him to the hospital after the altercation.

For now, the cops have registered an FIR against Deepak, Sanjay, and the unidentified accused.


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