Actor & philanthropist Sonu Sood received a portrait made of blood from a fan and appealed his fans to donate blood instead. The actor was left absent for words recently when a fan presented him with a blood-made portrait. The actor took to Twitter and shared his interaction and asked his fans to avoid such gestures, and instead, donate blood.

In a video shared on Twitter, the Samrat Prithviraj actor was heard talking in Hindi. “I am standing with Madhu Gurjar, a very talented artist. He has made a painting of me. But the only mistake was that he made it with blood. He should’ve only used paint and not blood,” Sood said.

To this the artist had an overwhelming reaction. The fan replied with, “Sir I can give my life for you. You have helped so many poor people. Most think about their own selves, not you.” Another fan chimed in and said, “Sir, you are nothing short of God for us”.

To this Sonu sensibly can be heard telling his fans that he should’ve donated blood instead of making a portrait from it. The fans chimed with similar remarks, and Sonu leaves the spot, and asked his fans to support his fan and artist Madhu.

Sonu was last seen in Akshay Kumar starring Prithviraj and will be seen next in Abhinandan Gupta’s Fateh.

The Facts of the Matter

Sonu Sood, who earned the spotlight rightfully by helping hundreds of thousands of Indians during the COVID-19 pandemic, recently received a gift that left him lost for words. The actor turned philanthropist was recently gifted a portrait by a talented artist. What made the portrait special was that the artist used his own blood to create it.

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“Don’t waste blood”

Sood himself took to Twitter and shared his interaction with his artist fan, where he was seen urging people to donate blood. Taking to Twitter earlier on Friday, Sood retweeted a video of his meeting with artist Madhu Gurjar.

“Donate blood my brother, Don’t waste it by making my painting with it, thank you so much”, read the caption. In the video, Sonu can be heard saying, “I am standing with Madhu Gurjar, a very talented artist. He has made a painting of me. But the only mistake was that he made it with blood. He should’ve only used paint and not blood.”

Paying no heed to his appeal, one of his fans shouted, “You are nothing short of a God for us”. Another fan chimed in and can be heard saying, “We haven’t seen anyone with as big a heart as yours”.

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Sonu Sood’s Fans Defend Portrait Maker’s Gesture

Several fans tried to defend Madhu Gurjar’s portrait and his gesture of using his own blood for the same. To this, Sonu replied, “I understand, but why with blood. Donate blood instead.”

Sonu signed off by asking people to support the artist, and told the fan that his good wishes are always with him.

Watch Sonu Sood’s Reaction to Receiving Portrait Made from Blood

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Sonu Sood Not Getting Villainous Roles Anymore

Earlier in April, Sonu Sood gave an interview to Indian Express, where he mentioned that his larger-than-life persona has caused him to not get villainous roles in films any more. “Nobody is offering me anything negative anymore. Even the parts that I did before the pandemic, it’s been changed. The whole script is being altered to put my part in good light. I think it’s a whole new inning for me and I pray it goes well,” he was quoted saying.

While Sonu continues to be called a ‘messiah’ by many fans, he published a memoir titled “I Am No Messiah” back in December 2020. In the memoir, he chronicled his journey from Moga to Mumbai, his trials and tribulations in Bollywood industry, and the experiences he had in his social work.


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