Sonu Sood appears to make his debut as an anchor; the show will highlight inspiring stories of reformers and achievers of the Nation. He will host the one hour program ‘Desh Ki Baat Sunata Hoon’ at 9 pm every evening on newly launched channel Good News Today.


For heading out of his way to support during the Corona outbreak, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been labeled the “savior of the common citizen” an “actor with a golden heart,” and several other majestic titles in the last year.

The show will showcase inspiring stories of human glory from all over the country, along with individuals who make our nation proud with their hardships, persistence, and performance, and who encourage many others to strive for greater heights.

Good News Today, Hindi News Channel will unveil hopeful, enlightening, and inspirational tales from all over the nation.”

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Sonu Sood: “I would not just describe such stories but I will converse with each influencer”

According to Sonu, ‘Desh Ki Baat Sunaata Hun’ will characterize the important facet of kindness by highlighting uplifting stories of reformers at the grassroots level, top performers who have overcome adversity to accomplish their aspirations, and other individuals who are working endlessly to nurture impact to the society.

Sonu will be seen as far more than a disengaged storyteller on the daily show. “I would not just describe such stories, but I will talk with each of these goodwill dignitaries and influencers,” he says.

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India Today Group Vice Chairperson: “We are overjoyed to introduce him in his new guise”

“Through his deeds during the global epidemic, Sonu Sood has reached out and touched humanity and arose as an origin of optimism and encouragement. He exemplifies the quest of our channel, Good News Today. His appearance on the channel integrates our endeavors to deliver more good news and smiles. We are overjoyed to introduce him in his new guise,” said Kalli Purie, Vice Chairperson of India Today Group.

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Sonu Sood is Acknowledged to Symbolize Optimism and Truthful Compassion

The actor, known for appearing in ‘R…Rajkumar ‘ ‘Kung Fu Yoga,’ ‘Happy New Year,’ ‘Entertainment,’ ‘Simmba,’ ‘Dabangg,’ and other movies, is acknowledged to symbolize optimism and have motivated millions in recent times with his immense positive thoughts and truthful compassion.

As per Good News Today, Sonu Sood’s occurrence as an anchor will help bolster the channel’s remarkable matchup of programs, which was debuted with the purpose of diverting the attention of news towards a more productive plot.

Sonu Sood’s program ‘Desh Ki Baat Sunata Hoon’ will highlight the most recent tales emphasizing meaningful efforts towards the nation and the world.