In a recent update by Sony, the Sony’s new Patent turns Bananas into PlayStation Controller. Isn’t it amazing! The new Patent application by Sony has been filed which has a detailing method of converting bananas into PlayStation Controller. The patent application has the entire details and descriptions on how this new technology will allow people to use a banana or any object as a game controller.  The Patent filing is something first seen by GamesInd It was submitted last summer.

This patent application has a tech which is essentially a method that transforms a non-luminous passive object being held by the user into a controller, it superimposes virtual buttons above that object. The banana here is just an example to make users understand.

Accordingly, a camera can detect the object that can be used as a controller, or a camera can detect the figures of the user to coincide with the location of a virtual button.  The idea behind is to use any physical object be it a coffee mug or orange or any other thing as a video game controller.


An illustration from Sony’s patent filing Credit: Sony

As per the patent application, it states that “It would be desirable if the user could use an inexpensive, simple and non-electronic device as a video game peripheral. Current disclosure seeks to address or at least mitigate some of the above identified problems.”

A thing of future, PlayStation 5:

This patent application may seem strange at first, but Sony is trying to solve a problem with this technology.  According to the designers note in the application, existing controllers can be “entry barriers” due to “technical complexity”.

Like with any other patent application, there is no guarantee that Sony will commercialize this technology ever. But even though Sony might not bring this in market, the Japanese company could be planning to introduce improvements in features with the launch of the next generation PlayStation VR system for the PS5 next year that could change the entire perspective towards VR games and PS.

Last month Sony confirmed that it is working on a new PlayStation VR headset for its popular PlayStation 5 console. It is expected that the next generation VR system will provide “a dramatic leap in performance and interactivity” and “a greater sense of presence”.  The VR headset for the PS5 will also feature a new controller motivated by the PS5’s DualSense and requires a single cord to connect.