A South African woman has claimed to have given birth to ten babies, and who also may set a world record for this. She is appealing for money to help raise the huge brood as officials said they will visit her soon to try and confirm that would it be a world-record delivery?

About the Woman

Gosiame Sithole, 37, is a former store manager, gave birth to 10 babies on Monday night in Pretoria, and urgently needs donations of nappies, baby formula, bottles, clothes and cash to get by.

Sithole, whose husband is unemployed, and was using her savings till now, her savings got exhausted because of the unpaid leave from work two months into her pregnancy, and is currently dependent on her elderly mother-in-law to care for the decuplets.

A spokesman for the regional governor, stated that there has been no record of a delivery of 10 babies at any hospital – public or private – in his province and that such an event ‘would be very difficult to hide’. If the birth is confirmed as real and true then it would be an upcoming world record which will be happening just a month after a Malian woman, Halima Cisse, gave birth to nine children in Morocco.

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What her husband and media had to say

Sithole’s husband, Tebogo Tsotetsi, was the first to announce the birth on Monday, saying his wife had given birth to seven boys and three girls. Speaking to the local journalist on Monday night, Tsotetsi announced that, ‘its seven boys and three girls. She was seven months and seven days pregnant. ‘I am happy. I am emotional. I can’t talk much.’

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In an interview, before the alleged birth, Sithole said doctors told her that she was pregnant with six children. But that was increased to eight following a later scan. It was only while undergoing surgery that the other two babies were discovered.

Sithole said she suffered through the complicated pregnancy symptoms, experiencing morning sickness early on followed all through by pain in her leg. Sithole’s case comes just a month after the world’s first live nonuplets (9 babies), were born in Morocco to Malian woman Halima Cisse.

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Brief about Cisse’s case

Cisse, 25, from Timbuktu, was taken to hospital in the Malian capital of Bamako in March to be kept under observation before being flown to Morocco to be cared for at a specialist hospital after the country’s president intervened.

The children- five girls and four boys – were then delivered by a team of 10 doctors and 25 nurses via Caesarean on May 4, in a complicated operation that almost caused Cisse to die of blood loss. The babies were a result of IVF treatment, and were nine weeks premature.