On Wednesday at 8:02 p.m. ET, SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule took four amateur people on a tourist trip to orbit. They reached an altitude of 585 kilometers in this automated capsule without any professional astronaut. The capsule surpassed the International Space Station by 160 kilometers from where the crew captured views of Earth through the capsule dome’s window. The spacecraft moved 22 times faster than The speed of sound. The SpaceX’s Dragon capsule landed safely in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida through parachutes on Saturday, 18th September at 7.06 p.m. EDT. Finally, the floating capsule was pulled up and evacuated by a pair of boats of SpaceX.


SpaceX’s Dragon capsule travelers were the first ones to end their journey of space by landing in the Atlantic ocean. The all-civilian mission Inspiration 4 was aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket to inspire humanity and raise funds for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Apart from Jared Isaacman, Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX also contributed $50 million for the hospital. To date, Inspiration 4 has raised more than $31.4 million and aims to reach $100 million.

About the Crew Members

The first member of the crew who commanded the entire trip was Jared Isaacman. He is an accomplished pilot and an entrepreneur. He was the one who donated $100 million for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and earned a seat out of four for this trip. The second member who was the youngest American to be in space was Haley Arceneaux. He is an Assistant Physician and works as a health care worker at St. Jude. Haley had survived bone cancer two decades ago. He was the first one to come out of the dragon capsule when it landed on earth. He came out with a big smile and with his thumbs up.

The third member, Chris Sembroski was a contest winner and got a chance to be a part of this trip. He works in Everett, Washington as an aerospace data engineer. And finally the fourth member Dr. Sian Proctor, was an artist and scientist who teaches at community colleges in Tempe, Arizona.

Experience of the Crew Members

These four strangers spent almost half a year together getting trained for facing any possible emergencies during the entire journey. After landing they shared their experiences with the entire team. They said that the trip went smooth and clean from start to finish except some of them feeling motion sickness while they reached the orbit. They also faced some minor issues with the toilet fan and the temperature sensor of the engine. But those issues didn’t majorly impact the entire mission. They were also provided with regular food like cold sandwiches, pizza, lamb, and pasta.


Elon Musk the owner of SpaceX tweets about the President of America, Joe Biden as sleepy when he fails to acknowledge the four members of the SpaceX crew who went on a three-day orbit trip.