In a horrific incident reported from Spain, a woman was rescued after a shirtless man tried to drown her in a public fountain. The video of the heroic rescue is making rounds of social media and has since gone viral. The entire ordeal took place in Valencia, Spain and occurred earlier on August 9. Following the incident, the man who tried to drown the woman, was charged with attempted murder.

Shocking video of the incident shows a seemingly drunk shirtless man grabbing the woman in question by her hair, and pushing her head down in the water of the public fountain. The crowd shouts in response to the man’s actions, and soon a man in red t-shirt jumps in the pool and locks the accused man in a stranglehold.

The accused, who is in no mood to let the woman go, continues to resist the man in red t-shirt. The man pulls the woman’s head as he’s punched on face and chest. Despite the efforts made by the rescuer, the man keeps the woman in her grip.

Finally, the attacker leaves the woman’s hair. This is when a second man ends up knocking the attacker down with a punch. Thanks to the combined efforts of the two men, the woman was saved from suffocating to her potential death.

The Facts of the Matter

A shocking video which shows both the good and troubling side of humanity has emerged on social media. The video shows a man senselessly trying to drown a woman in public fountain, and also shows two brave men intervening at the right time, and saving the woman.

According to reports, the 52-year-old attacker, was in the public fountain in Spain’s Valencia on August 9. The woman who was attack was also in the pool when the incident happened.

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What Caused the Altercation?

As per a Metro report, it all started when a random unidentified passerby offered to take the man’s picture when he was cooling off in the water fountain. As soon as the man hands him his phone, the stranger makes a run for it and leaves.

The attacker somehow thought that the woman was involved in the theft, and in a fit of rage, tried to drown her.

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What Does the Video Show?

Hair-raising footage of the incident shows the shirtless man, appearing to be drunk, grabs the women by her hair and roughly pushes her head down into the water fountain. A person can be heard screaming – “He’s going to kill her!”.

As the crowed erupts in pleas to let the woman be, the man roughly holds on to the woman’s hair. This is when a brave man in red t-shirt jumps in the water fountain and locks him in a stranglehold. The vicious attacker however tries to resist the rescuer and pulls the woman’s head. This is when a second rescuer also enters and a free-for-all begins. The rescuer in black t-shirt lands multiple punches as the attacker continues to hold the woman down in water.

After repeated punches on face and body, the man somehow loses his grip on the woman. This is when the man in black t-shirt punches the attacker and knocks him down.

Watch The Video Here:

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Rescuers Left Before Police Came

According to reports, the woman and the attacker were both rushed to the hospital by the paramedics who were called minutes after the incident. While the woman received minor treatment for the way she was handled when she was in the water fountain, the attacker was treated for a bruised cheekbone.

Interestingly enough, the two rescuers, who jumped just in time to save the woman, had left the scene of incident before the police arrived and investigated the situation.


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