Anmol Chaudhary, who became a well-known celebrity after her stint in Splitsvilla 10 in 2017, revealed that she is happily unmarried and a proud single mother. However, it is after a year, the actress had revealed the birth of her son in an Instagram post. Anmol had kept her pregnancy hidden from the world, but now she is ready to open up about her journey so far and we’re proud of her too.

The Reveal Which Anmol Made

A couple of days ago, Anmol had shared a beautiful throwback picture with her new-born baby from the hospital room. Alongside it, she had written, “And I was born again.” The picture beautifully reflected the actress’ love for her little child.

Check the post here

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She is a Proud Single Mother

Anmol hasn’t yet decided to reveal the father’s name of the kid, but she had shared that he is not a part of the industry. She was in a relationship of two years, and suddenly things started to fall out in her paradise and the two had parted their ways.


Anmol Chaudhary with her Son | Image Credit: Anmol’s Instagram Account


Anmol recalled the day when she came to know she was pregnant. She said that it was in December 2019, when she had missed her periods and had realised that she was pregnant.

Anmol further revealed her immediate thought process on realising that she’s pregnant and said-

“I decided that I wouldn’t keep the baby because it was not possible for me to manage a child at that time. And that is what I told my boyfriend too. Then the doctor did an ultrasound but when I saw the heartbeat during that I started crying.”

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His Son is A Sign From God

After her ultrasound appointment, Anmol didn’t want to abort her baby. She revealed that she was amid a chaotic mental breakdown phase and then when she asked for God’s guidance, and it felt like she had gotten a call.


Anmol and her Son | Image Credit: Anmol’s Instagram Account

Anmol shared-

“My former lover was against it, but I was firm that I would go ahead with the pregnancy.”

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The Reason Behind Keeping The Pregnancy a Secret

Anmol also revealed the reason behind keeping her pregnancy a secret. She stated that-

“I wanted to post pictures and tell the world that I am pregnant, but I didn’t do that. Only a few friends of mine knew about it. Even my parents weren’t aware; I didn’t tell them because I knew that they wouldn’t take it well.”

Giving Birth To A Baby Was A Life- Changing Experience for Anmol


Anmol-with-her-Son | Image Credit: Anmol’s Instagram Account

Anmol further stated that it was her younger sister, who constantly supported her-

“My sister was there with me during the delivery. My due date came but I wasn’t experiencing any pain and finally I had to go in for a C-section on September 7, 2020. Holding my son was the emotion I had never experienced in my entire life.”

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Recent Social Media Activity of Anmol

Anmol recently shared a video with her son and sister calling them her ‘small family’ and she captioned it by writing, “This video literally made me cry with this music. When I look at this video, all I see is pure happiness, celebration and joy. No stress, no family issues, just me with my small family. Thankyou so much universe for always showering me with so much of love and support. @thegarimachaudhary thanks for always having my back.”

Check the video here

Anmol rose to fame and came in the limelight after her stint in Splitsvilla 10! She was dumped by Priyank and Nivedita.