In an incident where buyers gasped ‘steal the deal’, Amazon’s mistake let buyers get a 1.8 Ton Toshiba AC at a whopping 94% discount. The error, which was resolved after a while, made the invertor AC by Toshiba, available for Rs 5,900. The AC’s original cost was Rs 96,700.


In a mistake of an epic proportions, Amazon was recently caught selling Toshiba’s 1.8 Ton Inverter AC, that costs Rs. 96,700 for just Rs. 5,900. The AC had a discount of a 94%. The customers who won the ‘fastest fingers first’ got the 2021 range of split AC available to them at a monthly installment of Rs. 278 only.

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More About Toshiba’s AC that was being sold for Dirt Cheap Price

After the brief mishap, Amazon is currently selling the same 5-star invertor AC at Rs. 59,490 (gloss white variant). The AC is being currently sold at a 20% discount from the original cost and comes with a monthly EMI of Rs. 2,800.


Image Credit: Amazon (Screenshot)

The AC is Toshiba’s flagship top-of-the-line inverter AC which includes a dust filter, and an antibacterial coating. The AC comes with 9 years of warranty on compressor and a comprehensive warranty of 1 year. It also has a 9-year-warranty on its PCBs, Sensors, Electrical Parts and more. The 5-star energy efficient AC also comes with a 3.3 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

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AC Removes Virus, and Prevents Moulds

Moreover, Toshiba has enabled the AC to use its energy efficient technology. This means that according to the air conditioning requirements, the compressor’s speed adapts to the environmental situations. The AC comes with a filter that removes harmful bacteria and viruses. Given that it’s the time of pandemic, removal of airborne bacteria is of importance. Further, the AC is also low on maintenance as it has the technology to self-clean and prevent mould formulation in the filter.

The top-of-the line AC also possesses a magic coil – a proprietary aqua resin coated coil. This also results in a reduction in dust accumulation in the coil letting the coil function properly for years. The magic coil also reduces the AC’s energy consumption. This is because the AC’s power and current consumption is adapted smartly to 50%, 75%, and 100%.

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Amazon’s History with Glitches

It should be noted that Amazon has not revealed whether it charged the complete original price of the product or sold the AC on its mistakenly listed bargain price. While Amazon has pioneered the e-commerce revolution, there are mishaps like these that show that the platform still has glitches and minor errors to deal with, from time-to-time.

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