Great personalities do have a greater vision. They can look into the future sometimes with their experience and knowledge. Many people in the past have made predictions about the future and to the surprise of the world, they have come true. Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, had also made many predictions about the future of technology. And of course, many of his predictions did come true. However, a couple of them failed to make his words count. Here, we will talk about some of the predictions that he made about the future which came true including a few, which couldn’t.

1. People will use computers for fun at home
Jobs had predicted that computer’s use will grow from technology to commercial and personal use way back in 1985. We all are well aware of how appropriately his prediction fits in our lives.
US Census Bureau conducted a study in 2015, according to which, 79% of American households have a computer.

2. Presence of Web everywhere
Way back in 1996, Steve said that the web/internet will become a worldwide thing and will be used by people all around the globe. In 2019, it was estimated that around 4.4 billion people globally use the internet.

3. Managing your own storage
Even before the thought of creating online storage clouds like google drives and cloud would have ever crossed anyone’s mind, Jobs always stated that the future generation will need personalised online space to manage and access their data anytime anywhere. 

4. Connected through the computer
In the same interview in 1985, Jobs suggested that the people will mainly buy a personal computer to link themselves to a nationwide rather worldwide communications network. Indeed the current scenario of hyperactive social media operating species is proof that his prediction did come true.

5. Every function will be at your fingertips with a mouse
When computers became a reality user had to write long instructions to make it understand the command and users requirement. It was a hectic and time-consuming process. Jobs knew that technology will make it possible to make computers run on a fingertip and indeed the touchpads and mouse we use are the true examples of what future Jobs predicted. In fact, we are using touchscreen technology in computers and mobile phones.

6. Computers will fit in a book
In the 1980s, computer people used were big. You had to install big boxes of processors in confined laboratories to run a computer. Jobs always thought that computer should be so compact that we could fit it inside a book or in a pocket. Today we are using laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Apple’s MacBook is indeed thinner than most of your study material books.

7. Lots of innovation in the areas of software but not in hardware
Jobs believed that technology will be modernised in terms of software but not in terms of hardware. It was because, in around that time in 1983, companies were focusing only on software development and ignored hardware innovation. However, once Bill Gates run Microsoft made its entry into the tech market, the world has seen the change it needed in terms of hardware requirement. However, we are happy that this prediction didn’t come out to be true.

8. Worldwide Web will not be a life-changing event for many million people
In 1996, people asked Steve’s opinion that how the web will affect the lives of people around the world. Steve was unsure about how the power of the web will ever be able to affect billions.
But in today’s scenario, Web is part of our day to day, in fact, hour to hour life. It has made our lives faster and easier. Sorry to Jobs for another wrong prediction.