The world of technology is changing with the development of Artificial Intelligence and so is changing the tech-leaders in the Industry. In a world, where business dominance is generally held by men, some women are breaking stereotypes by building a space for themselves in this heritage.

Artificial Intelligence is the new face of technology which is expected to change the way we perceive knowledge, business and everything else for which human relies on technology.  

While the conventional minds were busy in fighting the technological advancements with their methods, these farsighted women perceived the significance of Artificial Intelligence and started working their head to toe for earning the edge in the field.

Here, you will read about some Women who are nailing it in the field of Artificial Intelligence with their amazing startups:

1. Aditi Avasthi, Founder and CEO, Embibe

Aditi has always been passionate about bringing a change in the field of education. Her start-up is based on providing education to students with the use of Artificial Intelligence. She has been in business for quite a while now and the success of her startup can be estimated by the achievements of the aspirants who have undergone Embibe’s learning program. 

The first project of Embibe was based on educating the tribal children from a tribal village in Rajasthan. These children were never introduced to computer technology before. However, Embibe’s personalised learning program changed its fate. These students cleared pre-engineering and pre-medical examinations with the help of Embibe.

Found & CEO of Embibe, Aditi Avasthi has been awarded ‘Accenture Vaahini- Innovator of The Year’ award at Economic Times Prime Women Leadership Awards 2019 for her startup and it’s a notable contribution in the field.

2. Chandralika Hazarika, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Bigthinkx

Chandralika is an MBA graduate and has experience of working in the field of Marketing for over 10 years. She was a former employee of ITC and Space Matrix. However, she has always been aimed at easing the lifestyle of people with the help of technology.

Her company’s flagship product, “Lyflike” is a lifestyle app. This app lets the user design their custom clothing. The user has to control the material, size, length, style, fitting & mix-matching their personalised clothes. Also, the user can view the clothing on their Avatar as the app is equipped with real-time visual searches and virtual reality system.

3. Meghna Saraogi, Founder, MirrAR

Meghna Saraogi has designed this app to help the beautiful and gorgeous ladies. Generally, women face the difficulty of trying on pieces of jewellery while shopping. One has to try stuff before they pay for it. But it gets hectic for both the shopper and the vendor after a while. Well, no worries, MirrAR is an app that lets you try on various jewellery on the screen of a smartphone or a tablet like an iPad. It used Augmented Reality concept.

The app also has an option for the user to get fashion advice from Experts, Bloggers and influencers. This app is focused on providing a better shopping experience to the user.

4. Amrutha Valli, Founder and CEO, PurpleApple 

PurpleApple Infosystems is a tech company which works in the field of Augmented & Virtual Reality. The company allows users to experience an Experiential Shopping”, “Experiential Marketing” & “Experiential Purchase” with the help of AR & VR. PurpleApple promotes the idea of selling an experience to the customer rather than the product or service.

NSRCEL (IIM Bangalore) has recognised PurpleApple as one of the Top 50 Women Entrepreneur Program. Also, it has been designated amongst top 30 Women Entrepreneur Empowerment Program by WEE Foundation (IIT Delhi) & XLR8AP (Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society, University Of Texas & FICCI).

5. Ashwini Asokan, CEO, Mad Street Den 

Mad Street Den is a startup company, run by Ashwini Asokan. The company’s flagship product is a platform that helps retailers make effective and faster decisions. The system uses Image Recognition and Data Science tools to extract information from images about a product, user behaviour etc. This helps the users in Intelligent Retail Automation.