A student at the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) in Bhubaneswar made a shocking discovery last week when he found a dead frog in the food served at the hostel mess.

The student, Aaryansh, took to social media to share images of the contaminated food, sparking outrage among the public. In his post, Aaryansh highlighted that parents pay approximately Rs 17.5 lakhs to get their children educated at KIIT, which is ranked 42nd among engineering colleges in India. Despite the high fees, students are served unhygienic food.

The images went viral online, with many criticizing the college administration and hostel authorities. People pointed out that this highlights the pressing need for better education facilities and strict checks on hygiene and food quality.

College Issues Notice to Mess Contractor, Deducts a Day’s Payment

After the images went viral and drew ire on social media, KIIT authorities issued a notice to the hostel mess contractor. The notice mentioned that the food served was “totally unhygienic” and students were dissatisfied with the quality.

As “punishment”, the college administration deducted one day’s payment to the contractor for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner served at the hostels. The contractor was also warned to be more careful about food hygiene in the future.

However, the student who exposed this issue was unimpressed with the college’s response. In a follow-up post, he remarked “So, this is the value of human life. The hostel where the frog was served, at Bhubaneswar University, in an attempt to do damage control, decided to deduct only one day’s payment from the mess provider company!”

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The Incident Highlights Larger Issues Around Hostel Food Quality

This shocking incident has highlighted glaring concerns around the poor quality of food served in college hostels across India. Students pointed out that finding foreign objects like blades, insects and animals is not uncommon.

The larger issue seems to be the lack of strict quality checks and monitoring of the vendors contracted to provide hostel food services. Hygiene takes a backseat while efforts are focused on cost cutting and profit maximization.

Experts suggest the need for regular audits, surprise inspections and heavy penalties for any violation of food safety norms. Colleges must prioritize student health and well-being above monetary considerations. Proper oversight and accountability will go a long way in avoiding such incidents in the future.

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