In a subway horror-like situation, a homeless man in New York was caught on camera being hold in a chokehold by a passenger and succumbing to the injuries. The deceased was reportedly choked for as long as 15 minutes, reports confirm. The entire ordeal was caught on video, disturbing visuals of which have since gone viral on social media.

The dramatic incident unfolded on a northbound F train in Manhattan on Monday afternoon when a homeless man, later identified as 30-year-old Jordan Neely, began ranting aggressively. According to a witness who took a video, Neely complained about having no food or drink, expressed fatigue, and shouted that he didn’t care if he went to jail.

Suddenly, a 24-year-old passenger, reportedly a Marine veteran, took matters into his own hands and subdued Neely in a chokehold. Witness filmed the ordeal that lasted around 15 minutes and showed the subway-rider keeping the deceased pinned down on the floor of the train with his arm wrapped around his neck.

The video footage captured by Vazquez shows the frantic efforts of Neely to break free as the straphanger had him in a headlock, and another bystander helped to keep him down on the floor of the subway train. However, after a few seconds, Neely stopped moving.

The Facts of the Matter

While the New York subway system has been known to be the lifeline of the city, ferrying hundreds of thousands of people every day, it’s also a place of senseless violence, in the form of riots, assaults, and similar incidents.

A similar incident was recently reported from a New York Subway, where a homeless man was put on chokehold by a fellow passenger, and killed in the aftermath.

Marine Vet Takes Down Homeless Man

The homeless, identified as Jordan Neely, began to act erratically on a northbound F train. According to witnesses, the man went on an aggressive tirade, shouting loudly about having no food or drink and complaining of exhaustion. The mood became increasingly fraught as he flung his black jacket to the ground and continued his senseless rant.

But amidst the chaos, a passenger took matters into his own hands. A Marine veteran, he sprang into action, seizing Neely in a chokehold and pinning him down for 15 agonizing minutes. Freelance journalist Juan Alberto Vazquez happened to be on the train at the time and recorded the harrowing incident on video.

What Does the Video Show

The footage shows the subway rider wrestling with Neely, his arm tightly wound around the homeless man’s neck. With the train doors flung open at the Broadway-Lafayette Street/Bleeker Street station, the conductor had already called 911, and other passengers looked on in shock as the drama played out before them.

Vazquez’s video paints a picture of pure chaos and desperation. Neely flails wildly as the straphanger clings on, desperately trying to subdue him. And despite other passengers’ concerns about Neely’s well-being, the man continues to apply pressure, trying to control the increasingly volatile vagrant.

Watch Video here (Discretion Advised)

Accused Let Go After Taken Into Custody

But tragedy struck when Neely lost consciousness due to the chokehold, and even the EMS workers at the station could not revive him. It later emerged that the vagrant was grappling with severe mental health issues and had no home to speak of.

In a further twist, the Marine veteran who subdued Neely was taken into custody by the police. However, he was later released without charges as the authorities awaited autopsy results to determine if he could be held responsible for Neely’s death.


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