On Friday, Shiv Sena leader Sudhir Suri was shot dead in Punjab’s Amritsar. The unknown and unidentified group of accused men were arrested in the immediate aftermath of the shocking assassination. Shocking video and pictures surfacing from Amritsar shows the immediate moments after Suri was shot at. While the Shiv Sena leader is sitting on the road beside a car, his associates can be seen shouting in panic. One of the persons next to Suri can also be seen shooting towards what is now being reported as, the accused in the matter.

According to reports, the Shiv Sena leader was protesting outside a temple in Amritsar after some idols were seen in the trash of the temple premises. This was an unknown person from the crowd shot at Sudhir Suri.

Some of Suri’s associates and supporters rushed to help him while others were seen running helter-skelter, trying to catch the accused. One person as also seen firing in the air. Later, the alleged accused in the matter was nabbed by the locals, and handed over to the police he has been identified as Sandeep Singh, as per an India Today report.

Reports are also confirming that Sudhir Suri was on the hitlist of his opponents, and a huge line of security was already in place for him when the incident occurred.

The Facts of the Matter

Sudhir Suri, a Shiv Sena leader, who was allegedly in the hitlist of various groups for his offensive language, was shot dead in Amritsar, Punjab earlier on Friday. According to reports, the incident occurred when Suri and other Shiv Sena leaders had gathered to protest some religious idols found in the trash outside the temple’s premises.

Triggering video of the incident surfacing immediately after Suri was shot shows him collapsed on the street with blood oozing out of him. Some of his supporters are seen running around and screaming in panic while media persons are seen capturing the moment. Suri’s supporters are then seen trying to make some room so that he could be rushed away, while one supporter was seen firing in the air, allegedly towards the accused.

Watch Video here (Viewer’s Discretion Advised):

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Accused Nabbed by Locals, Arrested

Amritsar Police Commissioner Arun Pal Singh gave a short brief to media after the incident. “Multiple shots have been fired. We cannot share all the details of the accused at this point. During the Investigation, whatever information comes out, action will be taken accordingly,” he was quoted saying.

As per the reports, the locals in the spot were able to nab the accused and handed him over to the cops. The primary accused in the matter has been identified as Sandeep Singh, as per an India Today report.

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Sudhir Suri was in News for Being Arrested

It should be noted that as Suri was on the hitlist of various opposition groups, he was extended a tight security cover. Despite the cover, the accused was able to take aim and shoot the Shiv Sena leader to death. A manhunt, involving two Punjab police teams, was initiated against Suri after a video with derogatory remarks against women, and inciting religious hatred among groups was shared on social media.


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