Controversial comedian Sunil Pal recently called veteran actor Manoj Bajpayee ‘Gira Hua Insaan’ (lowest of low man) to which the Family Man actor gave hilarious response and won the heart of netizens. The Gangs of Wasseypur actor displayed how secure he is as an actor and laughed off Pal’s negative comments on him and further gave him a life altering tip.


In the day and age of new-age stand-up comedians like Biswa Kalyan Rath, Abhishek Upamanyu and many others, one may forget that the likes of Sunil Pal brought the new wave of comedy in the country. Pal was the winner of first edition of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge was influenced several comedians to take to stage.

However, as he didn’t adapt to the internet evolution, his influence faded over time and since the last couple of years, Pal is known less for his comedy, and more for the controversial statements he knowingly or unknowingly makes.

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“Manoj Bajpayee se zyada badtameez aur gira hua aadmi…”, Sunil Pal

Recently, the Great Indian Laughter challenge winner attacked Padma Shri recipient actor Manoj Bajpayee and threw a slew of negative comments towards him. Calling Bajpyee a “badtameez (ill-mannered)” man, Pal also lashed out on the latter’s famous web-series The Family Man.

The comedian was quoted saying-

“Manoj Bajpayee kitna hi bada actor hoga, kitne hi bade awards mile, par usse zyada badtameez aur gira hua aadmi maine nahi dekha (However big of a actor Manoj Bajpayee may be, and however many awards he gets, I’ve never seen a man more ill-mannered and immporal than him)”.

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The Family Man like ‘Porn’: Sunil Pal

Continuing on his barrage, Pal then alleged that Bajpayee’s new web series The Family Man and its second season was ‘porn’ like content and also said how shows like those must not be made-

“Yeh saari cheezein jo hai na bandh honi chahiye. Yeh bhi ek porn hai. Porn sirf dikhane ka nahi hota, vichaaron ka bhi porn hota hai (All this type of content should be stopped. This is also a kind of porn. Porn is not just the viewing kind, it’s also the thinking kind).”

Sunil Pal Criticizes Plot of The Family Man

Pal further criticized the plot of the second season of The Family Man and criticized arcs where the character of Suchi, played by Priyamani had an implied affair with a colleague, where a daughter who was minor had a relationship, and how there was a son who acted wiser than his age.

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“Jobless People Should Meditate” Bajpayee Reacts

All these comments could have made any other insecure actor lash out in similar way. However, Bajpayee reacted in a surprisingly coy and witty way. The Satya actor was asked about the comment Pal made and after laughing on the comment for around a minute, Bajpayee said-

“I understand people don’t have jobs. I completely understand. I have been in such a situation. But in these kinds of situations, people should meditate.”

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Sunil Pal’s Attack Towards Doctors, Booked by Police

It should be noted that this was not the first time Pal sparked a controversy with his statements. Earlier this year when the country was battling the second wave of the COVID-19, Pal attacked the country’s doctors and labelled them ‘demons’ and thieves. After his statement, a FIR was filed against him Dr Sushmita Bhatnagar, president of the Association of Medical Consultants (Mumbai).

The Andheri police filed the FIR against Pal-

“for posting defamatory speech on social media claiming that 90% of doctors are thieves who are taking advantage of the Covid situation and are looting poor people on the pretext of treatment.”