Social Activist Karamveer Sunitha Krishnan appeared on Sony TV’s KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) Friday night episode. The story of life and her struggle to become one of the biggest rescuers of child and woman from trafficking was something which shook the viewers to their very core.

The show started with a visual of Amitabh Ji throwing light on the problem prevailing in the nation. He said that it is horrifying how the problem is double hitting society. On one end, the victimized children and woman are asked to stay shush and move on, while on the other hand, culprits get motivated after the victims are silenced.

While narrating her life’s shocking story, social activist Karamveer Sunitha Krishnan told that she was merely 15 years in age when 8 men allegedly gang-raped her. However, instead of opting for getting silenced by society, Sunitha decided to change her and many other’s life forever. She initiated efforts to rescue children and women from trafficking.

The host of the show, famous Bollywood celebrity was simply astonished to listen to her story. To add to her glory, Amitabh Ji said, “Sunitha has rescued more than 20,000 children and women from trafficking and she has kept the fighting spirit alive.”

Looking at the abundant amount of woman being rescued, some might feel proud of her. Well, indeed we all should. But shouldn’t we look at the other side of the coin too? What makes it possible for these women and child traffickers, to manage to abduct so many innocents, without getting unnoticed by Police & administration?

Sunitha tells her experience about rescuing children and woman from this dump. She tells that in her journey, she has come across several victims, but the youngest one she has every rescued is a three and a half-year-old girl while she was being prostituted in a brothel in India. 

She also told that from her experience & research, she has learned that over 30 lakh woman have been victims of human trafficking of which 45% are children.

The question arises, how Sunitha has been able to manage this, while the authorities choose to overlook the problem so easily. It’s not been that easy. Sunitha told that she had been attacked 17 times on different occasions, during her journey to rescue children and women from trafficking.

However, she is not afraid to die and she if firm to fight for the reason till her last breath. During the telecast, she said, “I don’t fear to die. As long as I breathe, I want to help women, who need to be rescued and I have dedicated my life towards them.”

Apart from woman trafficking, Sunitha is now also involved in fighting digital crimes on social media, where woman rape videos get easily viral by fast circulation on social media. In her work, she has come across an incident, where a video of 9-month-old getting rape was being circulated over social networking platform.

While telling stories from her life, she shows concern on how there are young children who are being trafficked. She says that these young girls are being trafficked because somewhere someone, a man is there who wants to indulge in brutal activity with these children. This way she highlighted that to fight the crime, rescuing victims won’t be enough, but we’ll have to baptize the mentality of the men of our society as well.

When the host Amitabh Bacchan asked her about how to do these girls are dragged into this mess, Sunitha answered that while the girls generally above age of 11-12 years are trapped in the name of money, fame, glamour etc, younger girls of 10 years and below age are abducted through kidnapping. She further told that there are organized groups, rackets and gangs whose primary operations are woman trafficking and prostitution. Many girls are even trapped through social media through dating and love affairs.

She also told that what rages her most is when people come telling her that she cannot do anything about it and that prostitution is the requirement of the society and will exist till the dawn of the human civilization.

While the society criticized Sunitha’s efforts, she along with the co-workers has been able to set up an NGO, which works in this direction. Prajjwala- an NGO set up by Sunitha is a type of rescue camp, where rescued children and women are brought and are educated, trained and employed her curated educational and skill training programme. While younger girls are given classes, tuitions etc, grown woman are given skills training so that they can be employed to help them earn a living.

Sunitha has been awarded ‘Mother Teresa Award for Social Justice’, Limca Book’s ‘People Of The Year Award’ and has been bestowed with ‘Padmshri’ award by the President of India for her efforts in this direction.

You can watch the whole stream of the show here:—Kaun-Banega-Crorepati-Season-11

We salute the efforts of Sunitha and hope that she gets more support and success in her mission.