Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker became fodder for trolls on Twitter after she supported Palestine and called Israel a ‘terrorist state’. The Raanjhana actress commented on ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict in which several people from both sides have been killed and injured.

In one of her tweets Bhasker called Israel an ‘apartheid state’, in another she labelled the issue as an ‘anti-colonial’ and ‘anti-imperialist’ issue and in one other tweet she posted a picture of her on the Gaza strip that separates Israel and Palestine.

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Earlier this week, the conflict between the two sides reached to a deadly point when Israel and Palestine both attacked each other. While Israel deflected Palestine’s, rocket launches by its Irone Dome missile system and attacked the Palestinian militants through airstrikes, Hamsa, the militant organization in Palestine retaliated with its own rocket launches that killed a few and injured several.

On Twitter, outspoken actress Swara Bhasker stood for Palestine and called Israel a terrorist state. She took to Twitter and wrote, “Israel is an apartheid state. Israel is a terrorist state. Nuff said. #AlAqsa #FreePalestine.”

In another tweet she wrote, “The cause of #Palestine and justice for Palestinians isn’t an Islamic cause.. at least it shouldn’t solely be that.. it is first & foremost an anti imperialist, anti colonial & anti apartheid cause.. & that’s why it should concern us all, even non-Muslims.”

The Raanjhana and Tanu Weds Manu Returns actress posted another image in a separate tweet in which she was seen taking a part in a Syrian protest from 2010. “Circa 2010. #AsiaToGaza solidarity March. Enroute to Gaza. Pic taken in Latakia, Syria. Dec 2010. #FreePalestine”, she wrote as a caption.

In another tweet, she was seen holding a Palestine flag, looking jubliant at the Gaza strip with an obscene hand gesture. In that picture’s caption she wrote, “Buffer zone. Gaza Strip. January 2011. Showing much deserved middle finger to the Israeli ‘wall’. Israel has blockaded Gaza (land, air and sea) since 2007. The economic & human cost of this has been horrible &  huge. Gaza Strip is basically one big open air jail. #FreePalestine.”

All these tweets triggered netizens that stand for Israel in the conflict and soon Bhasker became a fodder for the trolls. While some Twitteratis made rib-tickling memes on the matter, other called her out. One person commented saying, “Swara just wants to jump in controversy and chooses something which should be out of league.”

Arguably, the incident reached a controversial point of no return when Israeli Intelligence Unit Mossad, a parody account of the original Mossad also called Bhasker out and threatened her saying, “Hey friends in India! Flag of India. If this tweet gets more likes than the quoted tweet, we’ll send Swara a special pocket rocket.”

Here’s what the netizens had to say on Bhasker’s stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict

Kangana Ranaut gets trolled for supporting Israel

Meanwhile, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who was recently banished from Twitter due to comments that violated the platform’s policy, took to Instagram to show her support towards Israel. The outspoken actress who was in news for suffering from COVID-19 posted several stories in which she insinuated how people who think violence should be met with ‘dharnas’ and ‘ninda’ should learn from Israel.

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Here are some of the stories that Ranaut posted from her official Instagram handle

On her political stance, the Twitteratis started trolling the actress and labelled her ‘birdbrained, Islamophobic and pathetic’. Even former Indian cricketer and now commentator Irfan Pathan slammed Ranaut. Check out what the netizens said:

The Shiksha News Take

It seems that both Ranaut and Bhasker, who are on the extreme ends of the political spectrums, will be perennially be part of the news.

We at Shiksha News believe that there should be no room for hateful speech in any political debates. One should be politically aware, educated on geopolitical matters and respectful while sharing their opinions on social media platforms.