A Swedish woman recently married a man from Uttar Pradesh with Hindu rituals. According to reports, the woman met the UP-based man on Facebook back in 2012, and the couple’s relationship blossomed over the course of over a decade. Their relationship came to a new pinnacle, when the woman decided to fly all the way from Sweden to India and tied the knot with the man. The woman is identified as Christen and the man, as Pawan.

The pictures of the couple’s union were shared by news agency ANI. In the pictures, the woman can be seen dressed in Indian wedding saree and decked up in jewellery. The wedding took place at Prema Devi School in Awagarh, Etah. The couple got married as per Hindu rituals, with Christen putting the flower garland around newly-wedded husband Pawan’s neck.

According to reports, the couple met each other in 2012 on Facebook and started chatting about their interests. Their relationship blossomed further and they stayed connected via phone and video calls. The couple soon realized that they were in love with each other. A year ago, Christen came to India, and the couple visited Taj Mahal, and decided that they want to get married.

“I have been to India before, I love India and I am very happy about this marriage,” Christen said.

The Facts of the Matter

There have been several films and shows where couple from drastically different backgrounds meet virtually, and then end up marrying each other. While such stories are a dime a dozen, they are rare when it comes to real world.

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Jab Pawan Met Christen

Recently, a Swedish woman took the ultimate leap of faith, as she tied the knot with a man in Uttar Pradesh, whom she met back in 2012 on Facebook. This is the story of Christen Liebert and Pawan Kumar.

In a video recently going viral, Christen can be seen dressed in an Indian wedding saree and putting a garland during the varmala ceremony, which is observed in Hindu marriages.

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How the Couple’s Relationship Blossomed

According to reports, Pawan, a B. Tech from Dehradun, and an engineer, started chatting with Christen on Facebook back in 2012.

The texting soon turned into hours of phone and video calls, where the couple spoke about their interests, lives, and goals together. During those calls, both the sides realised that they were falling in love with each other.

Earlier in 2022, Christen flew to India, and the couple decided to visit Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, and an epitome of everlasting and ever-enduring love. There, they decided that they want to get married.

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Family Happy with Swede Daughter-in-Law

Meanwhile, Pawan’s family are happy that their son found a love for himself who is a foreigner. Not only did they not object to their relationship, but encouraged on the couple doing all they can to be happy together. Geetam Singh, Pawan’s father, spoke to ANI and said, “We totally agree with this marriage”, adding that their children’s happiness is their own happiness.

Christen Liebert is also happy and hopeful about her marriage, and said, “I have been to India before, I love India and I am very happy about this marriage”.


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