In a hilarious turn-of-events, food delivery agent Swiggy has announced a ‘horse hunt’, offering a Rs 5,000 bounty for intel on the agent who got viral earlier for delivering food on horse in Mumbai Rain.

Addressing the “horse in the room”, the company announced a Rs. 5,000 bounty (in Swiggy Money) for anyone who can give the company leads on its “accidental ambassadors” so it can “thank them”. In a hilarious post full of pop-culture references, the company wrote, “Come forward. Do share as a good citizen of India. Because the nation wants to know more about the Swiggyman on the horse. And so do we!”.

For the unversed, earlier last week severe rainfall led to various parts of Mumbai getting waterlogged. Mumbai rains started to trend on Twitter with various people sharing pictures of them stuck in traffic jams, or not being able to step out of their homes.

In such a situation, a food delivery agent came up with a desi jugaad to do his duty. To avoid getting stuck at random places due to waterlogging, the man simply used a horse to deliver food. The visuals of the delivery agent on the horse started making rounds of social media soon, with many netizens applauding his ‘jugaad’.

The Facts of the Matter

Imagine a man, galloping on the streets of a city, with light drizzle washing over him and onlookers looking at him with a shocked face. The man in question is going to his duty despite the poor weather conditions.

While many of us may have thought of a warrior or soldier like person making their way to a war, we must tell you that the man was actually a food delivery agent! Shocked? So were people on internet who reacted to the story with various kinds of responses.

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Swiggy Launches ‘Horse Hunt’

Now, food delivery agent Swiggy is on a hunt to find more about the whereabouts of the delivery agent. So much so that they have launched a ‘horse hunt’, putting a Rs. 5,000 bounty on the intel.

Taking to its social media, the food delivery giant shared a hilarious tongue-in-cheek post with enough pop-culture references to make millennials smile, like and reshare. The company in its post said how the ‘horseman’ did plummet it into an “unexpected” fame, it is not unappreciative of it.

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Why Swiggy Started Horse Hunt

The company added that although it would like to take some credit for the idea, it really can’t. It also added that despite trying to find out more about the delivery agent on horse, it hasn’t come around to any leads. And hence, they have launched a “Horse hunt”.

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“Is he riding Toofan or Bijli?”: Swiggy Asks

In a series of questions, the company has asked netizens who the gallant young star is, whether he is riding Toofan or Bijli, what is the man carrying, why is he determined to cross a busy street of Mumbai on a rainy day.

They closed the line of questioning with, “Where did he park his horse when he went to deliver this order?”, perhaps the most important question.

To get to the “bottom of this story” the company has put a Rs. 5,000 bounty in Swiggy money for the first person who can give it the intel about its “accidental ambassador”.

Special Tribute for Horse-Riding Agent

It seems the company is going all out in milking the viral story. Not only has it started a Rs. 5,000 worth bounty program, it has also introduced a “special tribute” for the horse-riding delivery agent on the app. To see the update, one must place an order on Swiggy, and they will see a horse-riding icon to show the food delivery agent on their application.


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