People expected the film to have blasting content after hearing songs and watching the trailer but the fire in the story of love ‘Tadap’ fails to spark your emotions due to the plot’s inability to keep it intact. Tadap is a rough action film with weighty dialogues, old-school romance, love, deception, violence, and a few poetry lines mixed in for bad measures.


‘Tadap’ is the official adaptation of RX 100, a Telugu movie, which is produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. In the first portion, Ajay Bhupathi’s tale is typical. However, the twist in the second portion is unexpected. Tadap is getting mixed responses from the viewers. Read the complete article for full details.

Tadap Star cast: Ahan Shetty, Tara Sutaria, Saurabh Shukla, Kumud Mishra, and Sumit Gulati

Tadap Director: Milan Luthria


Tadap appears to be a typical love tale staged in Mussoorie between a poor young man and a wealthy pretty woman. Ishaana (Ahan) falls in love with Ramisha, an affluent girl (Tara Sutaria). Her politician father pressures her to marry a London-based businessman (portrayed by Kumud Mishra). However, there is much more in the tale than just a simple theme.

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Script Analysis

In his first film, Ahan has a solid camera appearance and a fire. However, in order to portray him as a true action-romantic protagonist, screenwriter Rajat Aroraa (screenplay and dialogues) and director Milan Luthria have overloaded the movie with ponderous dialogues that are nearly poetic and stranded in a certain kind of time loop, as well as plotline issues that don’t support the narrative properly.

The first half has no crisp content and may put audiences’ patience to the limit. Furthermore, Ishana’s obsession is neither appealing nor sensible.

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Star Performance

In most of the scenes of the movie, Ahan performed a decent job. However, Tadap is a film that is overwhelmingly male-centric and there’s no way for Tara Sutaria to develop many tones of her character because there’s nothing to explore.

Ahan Shetty in Movie Tadap

Ahan Shetty in Movie Tadap

Saurabh Shukla surfaces as the ‘Tinka’ to a sinking plot, providing a few laughs to help us get through many terrible minutes of silence. Kumud Mishra wanders through an uninterestingly written politician’s character. Sumit Gulati’s role has little relevance in the context of the movie’s other characters.

Tara Sutaria in Movie Tadap

Tara Sutaria in Movie Tadap

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Direction & Music

Milan Luthria and Rajat Aroraa tried to combine numerous formulas commonly applied in love stories, but they failed to offer any freshness. The film isn’t really striking. It is boring and unremarkable. However, cinematographer Ragul Dharuman delivered a stream of lovely images with Tadap, which was shot solely in Uttarakhand’s hills.

Pritam Chakraborty’s music is average.  Song ‘Tumse Bhi Zyada’ appears to be the popular melody from the film. The movie’s background score by John Stewart Eduri lends it a corporate touch.

Tadap as a film is only okay but Ahan Shetty’s performance was outstanding. Ahan Shetty is immersed in the role with a powerful portrayal.

Ahan and Tara in Tadap

Ahan and Tara in Tadap

Movie Scene from Tadap